Titanium Captive Bead Rings

It’s light yet strong; this captive bead ring in titanium can decorate your belly button, eyebrows and ears. The lustrous shine can be assured by choosing body jewelry by material! Perfect for discos and night clubs and are well-suited for human body. It’s flexible and easy to use. Gift your loved one and get appreciated!

Captive Bead Rings: the Eternal Piercing Accessory

Captive Bead Rings, popularly called as CBRs, are one of the most commonly bought accessories for making piercings more stylish. In fact, they are so popular that most piercing followers don't look at them as accessories, i.e. they have graduate the level of piercing must-haves. The magic of CBRs lies in the fact they are very adaptable— you can use them for almost any piercing imaginable! 

Captive Bead Rings in our collection are made from high-grade titanium. We emphasize on using materials that are skin-safe, durable and don't corrode. The use of titanium is a testament to this approach. This is also the safest material for fresh piercings as it is nickel-free and does not induce allergies—a problem found with nickel-containing alloys.

Expect lightweight, stable and highly corrosion resistant Captive Bead Rings in our collection. However, this doesn’t mean that our CBRs are plain or boring. While the fundamentals have been tuned for durability and overall safety, the design approach is rather radical…we thrive on digging deeper, beyond what is mainstream or standard fashion in this segment.

We vouch for the purity of materials and pursuing quality standards in our CBR collection. Overall, the approach is innovative. One glance at this collection and you will find that many Captive Bead Rings showcased here don't fit the bill of what are regarded as standard designs. This is why our collection continues to grab the attention of body piercing loyalists. Our approach is more artisan rather than creating volume-focused Captive Bead Rings.

We are on the verge of breaking through as the most trusted wholesale point of sale in the niche of Captive Bead Rings made from titanium. At Piercebody.com, you get a myriad of titanium captive beads. Some rings are plain, simple with a similar colored plain bead. Some have beads are done in different colors while others have sparkly jewels and colored stones. All these additions make for a beautiful collection of ornamented body jewelry that is exclusive, unlike anything you will find at any other online platform selling Captive Bead Rings.

Why choose us to buy bulk / wholesale CBRs from Piercebody.com?

  1. Practical: Our titanium Captive Bead Rings are comfy and easy to wear, making them perfect for everyday wear, even at the workplace or when sweating it out at the gym
  2. Versatile: Since, these CBRs are made from titanium, you can use them in almost any piercing type, starting from earlobe piercings to nipple piercings. They are skin-safe and do no harm, making them the perfect first-time piercing-seeker’s option
  3. Reliable: Titanium CBR is inherently resilient. The outer surface has a lustrous aura that does not fade away easily. You don't need to worry about damage caused by chemical vapors or moist conditions. They are hypo-allergic and biocompatible, assuring you of long-term usage.
  4. Contemporarily Classic: Captive Bead Rings are very stylish, right from the simple, plain-looking ones to the splendidly ornamented pieces—you get foolproof designs that can be added to classic body piercing pieces to create an artsy fusion of sorts.

What makes us a preferred wholesale Captive Bead Ring specialist?

Piercebody.com is one of the leading suppliers of body piercing jewelry. A journey that started a decade back has now transformed into a full-time, globally-scaled business. We have been able to maintain this status because of our exceptionally high-quality standards.  We use only the finest metals available—whether you choose our surgical grade stainless steel or gold jewelry or piercings made from 925 Sterling Silver.

  1. You can get free shipping on bulk or wholesale orders
  2. This is the biggest online platform for wholesale order body piercings
  3. Explore an expanding, huge inventory with multiple options to choose from
  4. A smart website delivers a smooth online shopping experience
  5. Our customer care team offers you comprehensive product information
  6. You get updated catalogues and detailed images
  7. Special discounts or highly competitive bulk rates are communicated clearly 

If fashion is the sky, body piercings are the creative, colorful rainbow that adds a touch of the exclusive, transforming everyday lives into something more glamorous. Titanium Captive Bead Rings are considered the safest body piercing jewelry and we offer this with an incredible price advantage—we are among the handful of global wholesalers of premium body piercing jewelry with ready-to-ship inventory and high-tech warehousing capabilities.

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