Steel Segment Rings

The segment ring in steel can be used as eyebrow, belly button, lip or ear piercing. They’re made of surgical steel and absolutely anti-allergic and anti-oxidized. Go for a makeover with these stunning body piercing jewelries and get appreciated! These seamless segment rings can be exclusive gift ideas for friends and relatives!

Segment Rings are often not given the spotlight they truly deserve. This is because they sometimes lose their identity when incorporated as a part of bigger body piercing ensembles. However, being body piercing loyalists, we try to do justice to each aspect of expressive body piercings. We adore the smooth, sleek appearance of Steel Segment Rings. They can be added to existing body piercings to add more volume or aesthetics. Our collection of Steel Segment Rings is among the best you can find in the piercings marketplace today. Why? Because we use surgical grade steel that is a premium, skin-safe, non-corroding and stable material that is best suited for body piercings. You get Steel Segment Rings with anti-allergic and anti-oxidation features as we have ensured that our Steel Segment Rings come with the promise of affordability.

Segment Rings will always be in Fashion

Some folks are not familiar with the versatility and importance of Steel Segment Rings in the body piercing universe. For piercing experts, these are bare essentials and not accessories. These rings are perfect to be used for belly button, eyebrow, and ear & lip piercing. Click on any of the Steel Segment Rings displayed here and instantly you will realize the room for creativity with which you can use these rings for giving your pierced look a makeover or transforming ageing piercings into new, more attractive forms of body art and expressionism. Some people confuse Steel Segment Rings with the more regular, easy to find ball closure rings. However, we recommend Steel Segment Rings as the better, smarter alternative. Segment rings owe their rise to prominence due to the fact that they are highly versatile. You can easily incorporate them in your Helix, Lip, Eyebrow or Belly Button piercing. Each of our segment rings has its own exclusive style and degree of usability. Our creative team has designed these rings in such a way that they offer long-term durability. Our inventory is constantly screened for a quick quality analysis, ensuring each Steel Segment Ring falls in harmony with our standards for quality and safety of use.

Ease-of-Use: No Issues with Segment Rings

Confused what type of segment ring to pick? The biggest parameter when assessing body piercing, big and small, apart from their structural integrity and the kind of material used is the ease of use. For instance, our selection of Hinged Segment Rings is perfect if you want to use the ring sporadically. These rings are rather easy to be inserted and ease out without any pain. In fact, some folks use Steel Segment Rings as an add-on, special addition to their party ensemble where similarly minded piercing followers converge—Segment Rings are like a scalable solution for your body piercing requirements. Explore this selection for finding a relevant Steel Segment Ring for your attire. We also have the traditional type of Steel Segment Rings that are more permanent in their setup, like lip insertions. Feel assured about finding the most fashionable and contemporary selection of Steel Segment Rings—we are high on trending piercing supplies and accessories.

Choose from the Biggest Online Provider of Wholesale Segment Rings

Our bulk rates and wholesale, ready-to-ship inventory management system means that you can get a big order of Steel Segment Rings delivered at an international location. We ship globally; follow global norms at the manufacturing, retailing and wholesale platforms. Our Segment Rings have a huge structural advantage—a unique advantage where we have two pins on either side of the tube which requires to be inserted offering a very strong ring. This ensures the Steel Segment Ring is not easily misplaced no matter what type of activity you take upon. Choose if you are established or upcoming resellers of quality-focused, highly discounted fashion jewelry and body piercings. We seek long-term relationships where we will collaborate with you to ensure the supply chain needs bare minimum management. One of the leading body piercing jewelry stores online, we are en route to becoming the biggest, global hub of wholesale body piercings at unparalleled prices.

We thoroughly track our supply chain to ensure no defects make it to our customers. Expect the latest body piercing jewelry on our online store. We owe this to our creative team and our effort to remain connected with our customers. We are transparent in our dealings, including discounted price quotes for wholesale and bulk orders.

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