Steel Nose Pins

Want to look different? These nose rings will do it straight away! Sleek and stylish, these surgical steel nose pins are hard-wearing and hypoallergic. Wear our nose pins in steel, in any occasion and see how people appreciate your choice! Gift your dear ones or simply add to your ensemble, these jewelries are must-have!

Steel Nose Pin: Welcome Back to Fashion Couture!

Nose Pin has its origin in multiple cultures, often mentioned in history. In fact, this is perhaps the most well documented bit of piercing jewelry. As fashion couture matured, Nose Pins evolved. Today, you can easily find Nose Pins that have turned into signature accessories, worn by celebrities from different walks of life. From rock stars to mainstream Hollywood, the Nose Pin has maintained its presence, often regarded as a symbol of being a bit rebellious. We look upon Nose Pins are the bare essentials to ensure your piercing looks complete.

Yes, Nose Pins are making a comeback of sorts. This is because of a short break in their popularity, during a period that saw other forms of piercings and body art take the lead. We believe that Nose Pins made from premium steel is still a part of high street fashion and global couture. If you want a more glamorous avatar with piercings being a part of your arsenal, Nose Pins are the way to go.

Always opt for premium quality Nose Pins to ensure your skin is not harmed in any way. We are in the middle of a Steel Nose Pins resurgence. New designs are hogging the limelight and we ensure that you get the latest from the emerging designs. This is the ideal online hub to explore the entire range of Steel Nose Pins in numerous sizes, colors and design options.

Why Piercebody for Steel Nose Pin?

Our collection features Nose Pins made from surgical steel which is skin-safe, hypo-allergic and compatible will all types of skin. We have jeweled nose pin, flower shaped nose pins, nose rings, and lots more in this segment. The emphasis is always on manufacturing Nose Pins that are a bit different from the usual clutter of designs on offer today.

You get the assurance of finding wholesale Nose Pins at the best rates, shipped globally, packaged smartly and warehoused with an emphasis on maintaining international quality benchmarks without bloating the price. Piercebody offers a holistic range of fashion accessories to its clients where fashion jewelry and piercing accessories take precedence. Our identity is traced to our love for body piercings and our creative team shares this passion.

Being a holistic provider of piercing options, we ensures that you always have ready access to fashion earrings, rings, bracelets and lots more, even on wholesale orders at the best online prices. We are transforming into the biggest wholesale provider of steel Nose Pins that are worthy of being a part of global couture.

Being piercing experts, we are well aware of health risks involved. Our entire selection is repeatedly checked for ensuring safety of usage. Stringent quality checks might create short-lived delays in updating the collection but we choose never to compromise on quality. We impart genuine information to all queries directed at us and offer many privileges such as an undemanding return/refund policy.

We aspire to become the biggest wholesale provider of Steel Nose Rings, capturing a significant market share of trending fashion accessories. Our in-house team of designers, warehousing facilities and streamlined selling platforms ensure that the supply chain stays organic, without third party involvement that usually dilutes the brand and pumps-up the pricing!

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