Steel Nipple Rings

Go bold and stylish with these eye-catching steel nipple rings this season! They’re made of pure surgical steel. Easy to maintain, anti-oxidize and scratch resistant, these nipple rounders are available in attractive design with colorful gems! Gift your love and make an everlasting impression with this piercing jewelry!

Nipple Piercing Jewelry Finally Grabs the Spotlight!

As body piercing advocators and followers, we are always mining for new trends, keeping a tab on which trend is emerging or those that are being dumped. One piercing trend that has always engaged our curiosity but never emerged as a mainstream option has finally got the attention it deserves—Nipple Rings. This piercing option is not for those getting started in this niche.

For starters, Nipple Rings present a more evolved form of piercing. This is not your regular piece of body art. Secondly, there is a slightly demanding getting-used-to period associated with Steel Nipple Rings. The nipple and areola region is rather sensitive. As a handful of body piercing options continued to grab attention, Nipple Rings have been in the shadows for far too long. We are happy to confirm that these days; Steel Nipple Rings are emerging as a popular option. The orders are pouring in consistently and we anticipate even more traction for this beautiful approach to body piercing.

Rediscover the Beauty and Gratification Associated with Nipple Piercings

Our collection grabs attention with some groundbreaking designs, some blatantly attention-grabbing and some, a bit sober. However, once you are wearing Nipple Rings, it underlines the fact that you are more than familiar with this niche. At, we are body piercing fanatics and vouch for the exclusive appeal of Nipple Rings, especially those made from premium steel. Steel Nipple Rings are available for men and women. Watch this collection as we continue to nurture it with more Steel Nipple Ring styles – designs that you will not find anywhere else!

Why trust for Steel Nipple Rings?

  1. You get the assurance of using the most premium, surgical-scale steel for nipple rounders in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes
  2. Stainless steel is the metal of choice because it is non-corrosive, highly durable and very safe for the human skin
  3. Nipple piercings need to be done with surgical precision. Our Steel Nipple Rings are crafted from 316L Surgical-grade steel, underlining how we ensure an organic approach to nipple piercing jewelry
  4. Our jeweled surgical steel nipple rounders are the perfect ingredient for a body art ensemble, complete with tattoos and other piercings
  5. Explore the largest collection of wholesale nipple rounders in a wide range of colors, from Dark Blue and Aqua to Pink and Sapphire.
  6. Steel Nipple Rings are fashionable and symbolic of an alternative lifestyle—the perfect way to flaunt that non-conformist attitude
  7. Expect something new, unexpected in our collection, such as the “climbing man” and “skeleton hand” nipple piercing jewelry
  8. Our designs draw an inspiration from modern cultures that surpass conventional themes
  9. You might come across piercing designs inspired by Hollywood-themed glamour or traditional forms of art
  10. Being body piercing devotees, our team of craftsmen ensure that each nipple ring comes with the comfort of long-lasting durability and affordability
  11. We are the leading platform for finding the best online deals for Steel Nipple Rings at bulk rates

At, we pursue integrity and passion. Every visitor should feel the effort we have invested in creating a welcoming aura with the guarantee that no product details will be concealed.

We embrace innovation and this applies to premium steel nipple rings too. The collection is constantly updated with new designs that offer guarantee of using the safest materials and the comfort of global shipping services with a ready-to-ship inventory at wholesale rates

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39 Item(s)

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