Steel Labrets

Revamp your look with these stunning steel labrets! It’s made of surgical steel. The trendy and bold look will undoubtedly seize your attention! It’s anti-allergic, anti-tarnish and best for the first time users. It can be pretty gifting to a friend. Perfect for party and night club hoppers. A cool choice!

Redefine Yourself with Stainless Steel Labrets

Labret fashion has always grabbed attention and we have a stunning collection of impressive labrets, from the eternal favorites to emerging designs that are defying the norms with their creativity. Being piercing jewelry specialists, we have always emphasized on using materials that offer a combination of safety, durability and aesthetics. Stainless Steel Labrets are the first choice among piercing enthusiasts who want to take the next step in their journey of self-expressionism. Stainless Steel Labrets have that gleaming exterior that makes immediately noticeable. One glance at our Stainless Steel Labret collection and you will realize that labrets come in multiple shapes but you won’t need to sieve through a vast assortment as our team of fashion curators have groomed the list to perfection, ensuring premium designs inspired by Butterfly, Dolphin, Heart, Flower, Crown, Classic Round, Cone and Stone Studded Labrets are available at unbelievably low prices.

High-End Fashion with High Quality Steel Labrets    

We owe it to our patrons and first-time shoppers that only the best in piercing options makes it to their shipping cart. How do we do this? We use surgical grade stainless steel that is widely regarded as the most skin-compatible form of steel today. This ensures you don't suffer from rashes or allergic reactions that are often associated with sub-par stainless steel labrets because the alloy is created from inferior materials to keep the pricing low. However, we have been able to ensure that Steel Labrets are created from top-quality stainless steel only and still the pricing is rather modest. In fact, we are positioned as the most competitive provider of wholesale piercing jewelry products. Our pursuit of quality ensures that you are not affected by health implications that are associated with post piercing phase where cheaper materials are used. Please take a moment to browse the vast array of top quality Labret Collection that employs high-quality surgical steel and provides the promise of anti-tarnish, non-corroding, anti-allergic and high-durability traits.

Why Piercebody is a Leading Name in Body JewelryNiche

The answer is rather simple—Piercebody has earned its name in the fashionable body jewelry market by manufacturing and shipping the products at par with the global standards in this segment. We promise the best in body piercing accessories at the best online prices. Our team of fashion curators and piercing specialists ensure that every Steel Labrets comes across as a fashionable, quality product. You get the advantage of fashionable Steel Labrets in numerous designs, styles and color options. When shopping at, you get more benefits like:

  1. We have a user-friendly portal that displays products listed under systematically listed categories.
  2. The portal is well supported by structured content, easy navigation and a fully secured purchasing process.
  3. We share all the essential information about the product with our clients and our customer support platform assists them throughout the purchase process.
  4. Bulk rate shipping and wholesale orders are handled with care, ensuring calculations are accurate to the last decimal.
  5. Expect the entire range of piercing jewelry options such as node rings, rings, piercing accessories, earrings, bracelets and lots more at reasonable prices.

We keep track of latest trends in high street piercings and fashion jewelry to ensure that the collection on display is constantly groomed for a refreshing shopping experience. From the bizarre to the classic labrets, expect every design you have come across in the niche of designer steel labrets on display.

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57 Item(s)

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