Steel Circular Barbells

Make an impact with your style. These circular steel barbells are made of quality surgical steel barbell. Use it as ear piercing, lip or eyebrow. These circular barbells come in an array of decorative ends, like cones, balls and jeweled cones. Pick the one that suits you and become a head turner!

Piercebody Steel Circular Barbells are Trendsetters

Some piercings have a short life, they fade away, seldom leaving an impression and become part of piercing history. Some options such as Steel Circular Barbells always make their presence felt with their evergreen appeal. The difference lies in being creative and the ability to reimagine barbells in a way that hasn’t been done before. We believe in shaking things up. Keeping in-tune with the latest fashion trends helps our creative pursuit. Fortunately, you don't need to spend time on finding the latest in the niche of Steel Circular Barbells. We are renovating this collection with the latest designs, somewhat graceful and some outright intimidating! Circular Barbells have always been known for being versatile. These are easy to insert and with the use of steel the chances of infections are comprehensively eliminated. Circular Barbells can act as fantastic embellishments if you are ready not to play by the rules!

What makes Piercebody an exclusive online body piercing supplier?

At Piercebody, we are more concerned about keeping our range of body piercing options liberating. The idea is not always to design attention grabbing Steel Circular Barbells. Sometimes, you might come across slightly subdued designs too. Barbells are considered among the most unisexual of fashion accessories to a certain extent but some piercing followers believe that Steel Circular Barbells is about a persona and has nothing to do with your gender. Piercebody accessories are a perfect purchase, especially for those who experience irritation or allergies when skin comes in contact with other metals.

  1. Circular Barbells are made with surgical steel posts that are anti-allergic
  2. Barbells are used for piercing the lips and eyebrows
  3. You get an array of decorative ends, making these easy-to-match fashion accessories
  4. The affordability does not eat into the quality as we design, manufacture and retail

Putting Back the Spotlight on what makes Piercebody Barbells a bestseller?

Each Steel Circular Barbell comes with two removable bead accessories that can be further swapped. The idea is to provide the maximum room for personalization. While barbell threads are usually right-oriented, there are little rules to follow in this segment. Our collection of Circular Bars can fit into almost any type of piercing ensemble, highly recommended for those who are planning a more elaborative piercing design. At Piercebody, the idea is to surprise you with a more captivating line of Piercing Barbells. Expect the newest Bead Rings and Piercing Circulars apart from Curved & Straight Barbells.

  1. Piercebody provides piercings in a wide array of different gauges
  2. You can easily find Steel Circular Barbells that complement your existing body jewelry

Piercebody is Unrivalled in Piercing Jewelry Industry!

Online shopping for piercing jewelry is not an easy task. The options are overwhelming and there is very little structure in how this marketplace has been set-up. brings a new dimension where it challenges classical designs and continues to innovate and awe. You get the promise of top quality and the best online prices. This ensures that from exotic to everyday jewelry, you are leveraged with affordable fashion, even in the wholesale mode.

  1. All our products carry trusted certifications from global authorities
  2. Feel assured about the purity of materials and safety of use
  3. You can also order individual items including UV Balls, UV Cones, Crystal and Acrylics
  4. You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are buying at market-best wholesale prices
  5. Our products are available in ready-for-shipping, bulk order format
  6. Crystals are carefully chosen, under the guidance of crystal healers and experts to ensure they help you in rejuvenation
  7. Expect Special Deals on the most trending body piercing jewelry at the lowest online prices gives the best deals on alternative fashion jewelry such as circular rings made from premium steel. Explore this collection to find fashion piercings that resonate with your lifestyle and stay updated about the latest from the world of designer piercing jewelry, including Crystal Jewelry and intricate Body Piercings.

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