Steel Captive Bead Rings

Checkout Our awesome collection of captive bead rings in steel, will certainly grab your attention! These surgical steel CBR’s can be used as nipple, nose, lip and belly button piercings to name a few. Available in square, triangular and circular shapes, these catchy surgical steel body jewelry are extremely tough and scratch resistant.

Captive Bead Rings that Capture Everyone’s Attention

Body piercing has some standard and a few emerging choices. The latter is more trending, likely to engage more attention. This is apt for captives that are also known as CBRs. Captive Bead Rings are making their presence felt as the most demanded of body jewelry items via wholesale orders. Captive Bead Rings are more than just another fashion accessory—they have the potential to change your persona. They are among the most preferred piercing and body jewelry accessories that complete the piercing ensemble. The use of rings can be done very artistically. They can be added minimally or in an elaborate manner. As piercing jewelry specialists, we recommend starting slowly, adding a few captive ring beads at a time. Take upon this as a journey to ensure that the final version is easy to carry and in-sync with the look you are seeking. For many piercing experts, Captive Bead Rings act like the finishing touch to the overall edgy, piercing look. They are easy to scale as you can add more bead rings as and when you want to upgrade. At, you get the best, the safest of CBRs crafted from the finest quality surgical grade stainless steel. This is perhaps the most premium piercing accessory we are selling today. You get Captive Bead Rings at the best online prices, shipped to an address of your choice!

Why Piercebody is grabbing attention in the body-piercing marketplace?

Our secret ingredient is Passion. We are not just another retail platform that sells wholesale body jewelry and premium piercings. We are a team of body art expressionists, thinkers and creators who understand this segment. It has taken us more than a decade to ensure that our collection is unique, very different from the crowd of similar looking designs. The emphasis is always on quality, even when you buy wholesale Captive Bead Rings from us. The use of surgical steel in our Captive Bead Rings is not an industry norm but we do this to ensure absolute safety for the user. Being body-piercing specialists, we differ from the average definition of an online body piercing jewelry store. Our range is regularly groomed and we fully control our designing, production, supply and retail channels. Feel assured, you are shopping from the best global provider in the niche of wholesale Designer Captive Bead Rings!

Piercebody CBR has No Parallels – Shop for the Best!

The CBR market is highly fragmented. Some shops sell them as piercing accessories while wholesalers tend to define them as bulk-rate add-ons. However, the reality is very different. Captive Bead Rings are at the core of the piercing culture. They underline and augment the persona of a piercing. Our selection of beads comes with indentations corresponding to the ring's end-points. This ensures a snug fit. Our Captive Bead Rings don't fall out or roll away from their position. This is because of the precise engineering at work. The finely tailored design is the result of seasoned piercing craftsmen. Smooth contours, flawlessly finished surfaces and rounded edges ensure that your Captive Bead Ring can be effectively used for mixing up things, creating a more personalized piercing style across a wide range of pierced jewelry, including tongue barbells, labrets, nose studs and more.

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Piercebody is uniquely positioned in the body piercing niche. From conceptualizing a design to testing & launching it, along with ensuring the best online prices, we are in absolute control of the product’s creative and retail/ wholesale journey.

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8 Item(s)

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