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Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel

We have an exciting collection of body jewelry in surgical steel septum jewelry, belly rings, circular barbells, labrets, twisted barbells, nose and nipple rings plugs, expanders and many more. Surgical steel plugs are hard-wearing and dent resistant. It’s easy to clean as it comes with a smooth surface. Knock out friends with your body jewelery ensemble!

Surgical Steel Body Jewelry- What Is The Appeal?

Surgical Steel is the most widely used material for body jewelry since there is low risk of allergies involved here. But before making any further decisions, one should know that only a few grades of surgical steel are body friendly and thus safe for use as body jewelry. Here are some facts about surgical steel that make it one of the most used body jewelry material-

  1. There are two grades of body friendly surgical steel- 316L & 316LVM (316- Marine Grade Surgical Steel)
  2. Surgical steel can be sterilized in an autoclave and has great corrosion resistance, thus making it a preferred material for body piercing jewelry. These also do not tarnish when exposed to body oil or sweat.
  3. Surgical steel has an oxidized scratch resistant layer which can be polished to give a mirror- or silver-like shine.
  4. These jewel items are inexpensive as compared to silver and gold items but are as durable as these expensive metals.

How Piercebody Meets Your Surgical Steel Jewelry Needs?

Piercebody has an enormous collection of body jewelry items made of skin friendly 316L surgical steel which is one of the two safest grades of surgical steel. We have everything to make your online body jewel shopping experience pleasant and satisfactory. Take a look at some of the Piercebody advantages:

  1. Wide Assortment of Products- You can browse through our commendable inventory covering various categories of body jewels like navel piercings; twisted, circular and curved barbells, nipple rings, captive bead rings, nose pins, tongue rings, labrets, segmented rings, septum piercings, plugs and tunnels.
  2. Variety in Designs- You would find a lot of variety in the various styles and designs of surgical steel body jewels available at Piercebody.com including innovative shapes and clever play with beads and stones in the jewelry design.
  3. Affordable Quality- All surgical steel body jewels listed on Piercebody.com are made with the finest quality surgical steel material (material certification can be found here) and are available at affordable wholesale rates in single and packaged deals.

Buy premium quality, body safe surgical steel body jewels at Piercebody.com at discounted wholesale rates and avail additional benefits like quick worldwide shipping and easy returns.