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Look enigmatic with this piercing jewelry in silver! We have magnificent assemblage of silver body jewelries. Gift someone or adorn yourself with wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry nose rings, belly rings, nipple and finger ring, pendants, toe rings and many more. Make an ever-lasting impression from our silver body jewellery collections are sturdy and durable.

Exclusive Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Piercebody.com is widely popular for supplying body piercing jewelry at bulk rates with a ready-to-ship inventory. A constant bestseller in this segment has been our range of Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. Well-established as a manufacturer and an innovator of stylish and high-quality piercing jewelry, we understand our prospects, especially the ability to deliver unique designs at market-best prices. You will get the same quality and organic designs associated with single unit purchases. The wholesale pricing advantage is the result of our unique production setup. We are increasingly making our supply chain leaner to sustain the lower price advantage. Piercebody.com pursues direct-to-consumer practices. This means that price inflating resources are eliminated. You get the latest in Sterling Silver Jewelry that is grabbing attention, now ready to be shipped to international destinations. This is the perfect online platform for buying wholesale body jewelry when you are particular about getting exclusive designs, dedicated customer service, and the ability to scale-up production during high-demand seasons.

Make Everlasting Impressions with our 925 Silver Jewelry Creations

Apart from being super lustrous, silver has many other irrefutable benefits. We have chosen the most resilient, fashionable form of silver for body jewelry. 925 Sterling Silver ensures that our craftsmen can create new designs with more freedom, unworried about the fragility of silver. 925 Sterling Silver does not induce any unwarranted skin reactions. At Piercebody, we are body jewelry addicts and vouch only for the most premium, trendiest piercing options.

  1. 925 Sterling Silver finger rings are irresistibly fashionable and very budget-friendly
  2. 925 Sterling Silver creations don't lose their luster despite long-term usage
  3. Our collection of Silver Nipple Rings is lightweight and comes in multiple colors
  4. We also have some sensual 925 Sterling Silver piercings
  5. Our finely crafted Silver Non Dangling Belly Rings are the perfect way to embellish your belly button
  6. Lustrous 925 Sterling Silver Nose Rings are every woman’s first choice because of their versatility—smooth design, also usable for workplaces and a resilient surface
  7. 925 Silver Pendants complement formal and casual attires rather well

Why Piercebody for Wholesale Silver Jewelry?

Piercebody.com has put together the best of production, warehousing and wholesale shipping practices to create a bulk buyer’s paradise. Its range of silver body jewelry too comes with these advantages. Now making global footprints, we are aggressively promoting our range of silver body jewelry—preferred by women of all ages. The gleam of premium grade silver makes it an always usable fashion accessory. Our creative team continues to collaborate with designers and procurement specialists to ensure that you find newer, better options every time you visit this collection. You get the assurance of buying from a responsible brand that invests in environmentally-friendly practices. Here, all items are systematically tested for superior quality. We maintain global standards of hygiene—having earned globally recognized certifications that underline our commitment to quality.

Trust our creative team to surprise you with 925 Sterling Silver creations at astonishingly low prices. Unafraid to try something new and craft unusual designs, we continue our affair with silver piercings in uncanny shapes, themes and vibrant colors at the best online prices…