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Brass Jewelry

"Prices for original jewelry are steadily growing, and now affording golden and even some silver goods is of less priority than it used to be. But why spending hundreds of dollars, if you can simply order brass jewelry that looks pretty much the same? What we offer Various types of brass jewelry is presented on our catalogue: classic pendants, simple and dangling earring, ear clips and other kinds of staff. All of them are accomplished both casual and formal designs, so there’s a model for every occasion starting from an ordinary go-out and finishing by lavish party. To make your look more harmonized, there are different pendants with spectacular designs. We provide items in floral, animalistic, geometrical and other themes. Advantages of material Brass is a metal perfect for cheap jewelry and piercing accessories: It is lightweight, so your ears won’t be loaded too much even by bulky earrings. It costs several times less than silver, platinum or gold. It is anti-tarnish and does not require washing/cleaning and any special maintenance or care. To acquire certain metallic color, is it gold or rhodium platted – you can select between silver and golden variants. It is quite strong and is not affected by heat, resistant to corrosion and water. Easily combined with diamonds, cubic zirconia and other materials. Absolutely safe for health and your skin. All in all, brass jewelry is a perfect variant to create your personal chic and expensive-looking set of accessories that won’t be too heavy on the budget. In case there’s need for something special for a specific occasion or two, such jewelry is a great solution. Our merits Although there are many online shops of jewelry, we provide excellent conditions to make good purchases and be absolutely satisfied. Our benefits: catalogue is constantly renewed and filled with fresh items; free shipping for our wholesale buyers and retail purchasers as well; easy order arrangement; online customer support; convenient payment method – you select currency and suitable way to transfer money; constant sales and beneficial deals; user-friendly site with full information presented in 12 languages; we provide relatively fast delivery anywhere. Need to refresh your look? Here’s your chance to buy fashionable chic trinkets. Brass jewelry is a cheap and totally safe and a great alternative to golden and silver accessories. Order some of our staff and check how it grabs attention of your friends! Look a million bucks with brass jewelries having one-of-a-kind and intricate designs. You have brass body jewelry, brass earrings, brass pendants, simple earrings, dangling earrings and other stuffs in this collection. Meticulous jewel work makes these brass jewelries a must have in your closet. You can wear these for any occasion and grab attention readily. Get access to a wide range of body jewelry by material from us."