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Bio Flex

Bio Flex

When it comes to body jewelry materials, bio flex piercing jewelry is a wonderful and safe choice. It is supple, comfortable to wear all the time, reduces stress and doesn’t cause skin irritation or swelling. These jewelry offers incredible material with outstanding biocompatibility, moving with your piercings. Here you’ll get all types of bio flex cheapest body jewelry at unbeatable prices.

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We are living in an era of extreme self-consciousness, where people are worried about their impact on the environment. This approach is now beginning to make its presence felt in the niche of body piercing jewelry also. BioFlex is a manmade material used in crafting body jewelry. BioFlex Jewelry is considered a smarter, more perfect alternative to metals like Sterling Silver and Titanium. BioFlex is more flexible, lightweight, and extremely biocompatible—some people have gone ahead and titled it as the greener option across the body piercing industry.

We, at Piercebody.com, are huge fans of BioFlex Body Jewelry. Though we love the strength and durability associated with metals like Surgical-grade Stainless Steel that is among our most favored materials, we love the eco-friendliness associated with BioFlex jewelry. We believe that the perfect piercing ensemble is a combination of metallic, alloy-based and BioFlex jewelry. A biocompatible plastic completes the body piercing ensemble, ensuring you have a comprehensive selection—from lustrous metals to those studded with colorful stones & UV, and a couple of BioFlex piercings.

We are now expanding this range, combining these popular, skin-safe materials to create a fusion of piercing jewelry for buyers like you. Our BioFlex jewelry is bendy, safe and comfortable to wear and wearing it is easier because it causes much lesser tissue or skin damage.

Why buy BioFlex Jewelry? The benefits are endless…

Wearing BioFlex jewelry comes with a number of benefits. For starters, BioFlex means you are an educated, ecologically responsible individual. It also indicates a love for vibrancy and color since most BioFlex creations are brightly colored…some even glow in the dark!

  • Hypoallergic: UV BioFlex reduces piercing healing time
  • Easy on the skin: BioFlex eliminates irritation, helps new piercings to heal faster
  • Flexible: Puts less stress on the tissue and does not get bent out of shape
  • Comfortable: So comfortable that you can wear them to sleep
  • Versatile: You can even put them under headphones without worrying about any damages
  • Easy to clean: Our BioFlex collection has a non-stick surface that requires negligible cleaning
  • Discreet to Decorative options: Clear tones with a great choice of colors available, from subdued shades to outright glamorous creations

How we differ from our contemporaries? 

At Piercebody.com, we are devoted to fashion jewelry. Body piercings define our passion. We offer more than 19,000 unique designs across various categories. Our extensive range of rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets and nose pins crafted from the best, most sterile materials means you have easy access to an online store that supports and motivates your piercing-focused lifestyle.

  1. Our line of body jewelry contains a number of anti-allergic, skin-safe materials making them safe for people prone to skin allergies or those vulnerable to dermatological trauma
  2. The high quality metals, stones and other materials used in crafting jewelry underline our progressive approach, which is further witnessing evolution in the form of BioFlex fashion jewelry
  3. We give you high-quality products at incomparable prices.
  4. Not just UV or BioFlex piercings, we also have surgical grade stainless steel jewelry apart from those crafted from titanium and biocompatible BioFlex
  5. Complete information and hassle-free online navigation on our store ensures you get the best, safest in online shopping experience
  6. All our orders comes with an industry-best 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  7. With no third parties involved in the product creation and selling channel, we keep the costs surprisingly low

Our range of BioFlex body jewelry underlines the fact that we are the best when it comes to accepting, crafting and creatively crafting the latest from the world of body jewelry and piercings. If you have some reservations against fully metal-based fashion jewelry, talk to our customer care team to discover why metallic body piercings are a lovable affair. Further, you can consider BioFlex fashion jewelry in the meantime, as you explore this world driven by sheer passion for creative expressionism…