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If you are looking for the best body jewelry by material, look no further. The kind of piercing materials you are using for your body piercing makes a whole lot of difference to the overall appearance of your piercing. Here you’ll get all the best body jewelry materials that you can think of. They are of the highest quality with zero possibilities of skin irritation.

Which Body Jewelry Material Should You Choose?  

There are a wide variety of materials used for body jewelry, both natural and synthetic. It is important that you are selective in these materials because your skin will react differently with different materials. Every material has a distinct level of biocompatibility degree which determines how often and for how long these can be worn. Here are some commonly used materials:

  1. Anodized- Usually aluminum and titanium are anodized (to give them an oxide cover) to make water- and shockproof, lightweight body jewelry that is very cheap as compared to other expensive materials like gold and silver.
  2. Bio Flex- These are flexible, stress reducing, long term body jewelry materials that doesn’t cause any type of skin irritation or swelling because of its exceptional biocompatibility.
  3. Organic- These body jewels are made from natural, organic materials like animal horns, bones and fake wood plugs.
  4. Brass- This is a lightweight, anti-tarnish material that is available in silver (rhodium plated) and golden variants. Usually come with diamonds and cubic zirconia for creating beautiful, expensive looking designs.
  5. Silver- These jewels are made of 925 sterling silver available in a variety of designs and forms.
  6. Pyrex Glass Plugs- Allows for a wide variety of color combinations, Pyrex glass ear plugs are perfect for someone who likes to experiment with their looks.
  7. Surgical Steel- Anti-corrosive version of the regular steel, this does not cause skin irritations or allergies.
  8. Titanium- A non-toxic material, titanium is also resistant to corrosion and is thus widely popular as body piercing jewelry material.
  9. Silicone- Anti allergic and pretty safe, silicone jewelry comes in a multitude of hues and is best known for its safe, infection preventive features.
  10. UV- This material reacts differently to special lights and come in a variety of colors and designs.
  11. UV and Steel- An innovative combination of UV and piercing safe steel, makes for interesting designs in various colors.
  12. Pewter Armor- A popular metal for rings and bracelets, pewter armor is an alloy with tin as the major component.

Piercebody Has A Wide Range Of Body Jewels In Various Materials!

We have a plethora of body jewels and body piercing jewels available in a variety of materials. Users can easily browse through the vast inventory of products according to their basic material based on their personal needs and preferences.