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Segment rings can be worn in ears, lips, nose and other areas. They look smooth and sleek with no break.

Fill Your Cart with Segment Rings!

Segment Rings are considered the most versatile amongst the body piercing options. Also pursued by people with elaborative tattoos, segment rings are the easiest to pierce option for beginners and body piercing experts. We vouch for the adaptability of our segment rings. They come with the advantage of having two pins on either side. This adds to the overall, structural strength. You can fully rotate these hoops in a piercing to add more volume or scale-up the grandeur of an existing body piercing. Experienced body piercing artists always recommend stacking-up on segment rings since they are the eternal piercing accessory and also a great option for beginners. This is why we insist—never let go of a great deal on Segment Rings!

Most folks prefer nose and lip piercings using segment rings in different sizes. Piercebody brings you the perfect fusion of durability, safety-of-use, skin-friendly surface, and the best wholesale rate among trending Segment Rings. Our Segment Rings are crafted from the most premium materials like Surgical-grade Steel, Anodized-titanium and Steel-UV combinations.

What do we have in store for our wholesale customers?

  1. We offer bulk pricing that is the industry standard – beating every other price quote on wholesale-rate fashion jewelry
  2. Discounts on premium products too – check our wholesale pricing for Silver and Gold piercings
  3. Packaging, shipping and delivery network – from dispatching to delivering the products at the designated address, we are in control of the supply chain
  4. Our inventory comes direct-from-factory – this means we have a lean production and delivery platform that does not allow any additional costs to creep into the sticker price
  5. We maintain global standards of quality – gradually but with great certainty, we have earned globally recognized certifications that underline our commitment to quality

Why choose Piercebody for wholesale segment rings?

  1. Each item in this section is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on ensuring consistency in quality – a critical parameter for wholesale orders
  2. We have invested in expanding a contemporary collection – you get durable and lightweight segment rings, including breakthrough, funky, and mainstream designs
  3. Our customer care team can recommend how to package and quote segment rings as a part of bigger body piercing kit – from anodized titanium barbells to cones, some piercing jewelry items make perfect sense with segment rings
  4. Our idea of providing a superior online shopping experience does not end at providing detailed product descriptions – we collaborate with our customers to buy put together the most cost-effective package which means even more saving besides the humble wholesale rates
  5. We pursue pure product policy – you can feel assured about the use of high-grade materials that meet international standards for purity and environmentally-friendly practices
  6. Expect the most eagerly sought, emerging body piercing designs to be listed first for wholesale before any other online platform 

This collection is a treasure trove for body jewelry seekers. Dedicated and sure about delivering quality, we back our credentials with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are looking for a long-term, wholesale arrangement, please reach out. We promise to revert quickly with an industry-best quote…

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23 Item(s)

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