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These nipple rings designed like a flower, heart and other interesting shapes. Apart from rings, you can also get nipple bars and fake nipple rings. Both have gorgeous and colorful jewels set on them, making them even more stylish and attention-grabbing. Grab one and set your own distinct style!

Nipple Piercing: Fascinating Body Art

If you are planning to get your nipples pierced, congratulations for contemplating a form of body art that instantly makes you a superstar, empowered with an edgy look, unlike anything you have come across in your personal life…so far! We are the leading authority in the niche of Nipple Piercings—considered the most progressive form of body piercing that cannot be handled by everyone. You need to be serious about this. Yes, our range of Nipple Rings ensures lesser, much lesser trauma but still, there is a small pain-bearing and healing period. However, a few days after the piercing, you will gush about an intimate, sensual body piercing!

You have reached the “Real” Nipple Piercing Specialists

Body piercing jewelry is what we do best. We pursue the piercing lifestyle, identify with various types of body art, explore different mediums of expression using the human body as a canvas and adore Nipple Piercings. We find Nipple Piercings rather erogenous, unlike any other body piercing. Getting a nipple piercing can be a very intimate journey. There are couples who reveal their Nipple Piercing only to each other. This type of sacred approach to body piercing privacy is seldom seen. Our creative team consists of true lifestyle piercing professionals — people who are great at reimagining Nipple Piercings, ensuring you get a list of options available nowhere else. Please spend a few minutes to understand our approach to Nipple Rings and what makes them an exclusive offering? Your options include:

1. Silver Nipple Ring: Safe for first-time nipple piercers especially when you have a history of sensitive skin or tissue healing being rather slow. Silver Nipple Rings provide the most painless approach. The radiant exterior makes it fashionable. Our collection of Silver Nipple Rings is available in the Straight Bar jeweled format too. You can explore more beautiful colors and shapes, including those using colored gemstones.

2. Surgical Steel Nipple Rings: When you are particular about durability and a flawless, smooth exterior, your option should be a Nipple Piercing in surgical-grade steel. The most resilient material in this segment, it comes with the promise of outlasting its contemporaries due to its inherent strength. It is chemically stable and provides zero scope for piercing infections. We have created Nipple Piercing options with bright colors, in 316L Surgical Steel, often studded with colorful stones like sapphires and peridots.

3. Titanium Nipple rings: If you want the best metal for Nipple Piercing, choose a Nipple Ring made from Titanium. The reason is simple—titanium is a highly stable choice, comes without the usual issues like allergic reactions. The surface will not tarnish and the Nipple Ring will retain its overall structural strength irrespective of the size of the nipple ring.

Why choose us for Body Piercing / Designer Jewelry? is a globally acknowledged wholesaler of body piercing jewelry supplies, including accessories and newly crafted products, ready to ship, awaiting your confirmation. We have the capability to meet your bulk order demands—our unique production model gives us this leverage. You get the wholesale advantage for trending designs at market-best rates.

  1. Our designing team has a craftsmen-like approach
  2. We use digital tools to ensure precision in sizing and finishing
  3. Expect lots of surgical-grade steel and 925 sterling silver piercings
  4. We have industry-wide connections to ensure purity of materials is maintained with a distinct price advantage
  5. Consumer-friendly service to help you make the most suitable selection

Experience a hassle-free online shopping experience with us. Explore different Nipple Rings that have been systematically updated, categorized and explained with relevant data. Our Return and Refund policy is leveraged to your advantage.

We systematically track current jewelry trends and consumer feedback to curate our list of Nipple Rings and other designer piercing options. Using a versatile business model, we deliver a vast range of body piercing jewelry at highly discounted prices, also available for wholesale and bulk orders… 

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