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Dermal Piercings

Dermal Piercing

"Dermal anchors: a creative way to achieve exotic and daring look Dermal anchor sets are perfect for anchor piercings and to make these more comfortable for you we have here are best quality steel and titanium at work. These dermal anchor tops are easy to use and take off and are made in different shapes, style and sizes with stone and ball ends. Originally developed in the USA about seven years ago, a dermal top represent a mixture of a piercing and an implant. It allows body decoration in areas where surface piercing is impossible, like sternum, neck, cheek. The dermal anchor is implanted under the skin with single entry point anywhere on the body and is often used to enhance tattoos. Unlike conventional surface piercings that have a high rejection rate (over 80%), dermal anchor rejection rate is only 2%. We're happy to offer a great variety of dermal anchors and a wide selection of dermal jewelry tops at lowest prices. Our anchor body jewelry is presented in different styles, shapes and sizes. You can find classic anchors with ball end, as well as some products embellished with crystal colorful stones, heart-shaped pieces, cute Hello Kitty jewelry, anchors with logos, pieces made of steel and titanium and many other styles. We can offer you the following types of piercing: dermal anchor sets; dermal anchor tops. Dermal anchor is a magnificent and really good alternative to the usual surface piercings, and our products include only high-quality jewelry, which gives you the chance of healing piercing of this type.

Why choose our dermal anchors? Why people want dermal anchors? This piece of jewelry is strikingly beautiful when properly placed. Besides having an unbelievably low rejection rate, their inserting is an extremely simple procedure. They can be used for creation of intriguing patterns and can be implanted in places difficult to pierce by the usual means.

The cost of Dermal Anchors or Dermal Rings - Dermal anchor piercing jewelry are pretty expensive nowadays, as they are made of titanium and that's why they rust never, plus the amount of labor necessary to create each piece is overwhelming. But thanks to our site you can buy these sensational dermal anchors for less! As you can see, even though dermal anchors are quite expensive, we found a way to offer our clients a very affordable price ever!"