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Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells

Define your look with a simple change! Check out our range of circular barbells ideal for most piercings like nose, belly, and eyebrow. We have a huge range of barbells that are cast from gold, anodized, 316SS, steel barbells, twisted lip ring, UV both jeweled and non-jeweled at very low price just for you.

Choose Circular Barbells for an Instant Fashion Update

Circular barbells are more popular as they are easy to insert, look amazing and can be pierced in belly, nose or eyebrow without causing much trauma to the skin. Use of removable balls at both ends ensures that Circular Barbells are easier to fit when compared with typical piercing options. These barbells owe their popularity to their design. You have the liberty of making these Circular Barbells more visually engaging by inserting different types of micro-shaped jewelry bits at both ends. With Circular Barbells, you can take your style quotient a notch higher than the usual range of barbell piercings. Our range comprises:

  1. Steel Circular Barbells: Made from fine grade 316 surgical steel, these barbells are easy to wear and unscrew. This is perfect if you often like to change your piercing options.
  2. Anodized Circular Barbells: High in demand, Anodized Barbells represent one of the most resilient types of piercings. The anodizing ensures the surface is immune to issues like corroding or causing skin irritation. You can opt for Circular Barbells with conic or ball shaped ends in numerous colors.  
  3. Gold Circular Barbells: Gold Circular Barbells are the perfect choice when you want minimal but high-on-glamor piercings. Golden barbells are usually worn in the nipple, ear or used with other types of eyebrow piercing.
  4. UV Circular Barbells: We have a stylish collection of UV coated barbells that will make you shine bright at the party. This is the type of piercing you need when you want to grab attention at a night club. UV collection features barbells in many interesting designs, shapes and colors—some expected and many unconventional designs and themes.
  5. UV and Steel Circular Barbells: This range comes with barbells in exciting shapes. The use of steel and UV represents an unusual contrast but the results are amazing. For starters, square shaped or drum ends make for an unconventional type of Circular Barbell piercing. Secondly, steel has a typical shiny outer surface whereas UV is more acrylic and available in bright, animated colors.

Piercebody for Body Jewelry Exclusivity & Affordability

Being piercing experts, we have handcrafted the biggest range of piercing jewelry collection using premium materials like gold, steel and anodized material. Our craftsmen always ensure that our clients get quality assured products.

  1. Our craftsmen work with great care to ensure every piece of jewelry is skin-safe
  2. Our emphasis is on using hypoallergic, easy to pierce, non-corrosive and durable materials
  3. Our customer support service will assist you at any stage of contemplating a barbell or any other piercing, with relevant product information
  4. From exotic to everyday wear body jewelry, you will find the entire range here, listed at the best wholesale prices

One glance at our collection of Circular Barbells will grab your attention whereas the intriguing designs and wholesale prices will further tempt you to order immediately….we await your order with a ready-to-ship, highly discounted inventory.