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9K Gold Nose Studs

We have the most exclusive range of gold piercing jewelry for nose in our gold jewelry collection at really amazing and affordable prices! Our collection includes 9k gold nose pins, ball end and screw nose pins, 9K L- shaped nose pins, diamond nose pins . Our collections of gold nose pins are of finest quality and have creative, sophisticated and trendy designs and patterns. Get 9k gold nose pins in mini box to keep them in a safest manner.

Mark your Presence with Mark of Elegance: Gold Nose Studs     

Gold is often underrated in the body piercing segment. Often described as expensive, it is also misinterpreted as not looking as contemporary as a stainless steel or silver piercing. However, our range of Gold Nose Studs busts this myth. Just look at this collection and you will instantly get that feeling of shopping for something high on glamor and substance.

Gold Nose Studs are rather fashion-friendly, easy to pair with nearly any type of attire you choose. Whether it is relaxing at the beach or going out on an evening date, whether the theme is laidback or sharp dressing, Gold Nose Studs and pins can instantly make you look smarter, sleeker, adding that bit of exclusivity. Explore our Gold Nose Pin collection that is meant to embellish your nose with a small piece of jewelry that can make a huge difference to your appearance.

Our boutique range of Gold Nose Studs is a perfect combination of durability, bespoke design and affordability. Trendy but manufactured using 9K gold, these Gold Nose Studs are the perfect fusion of old-world grace and new-age sensibility. Our golden nose pins are a testament to the fact that people still love gold piercings—the orders are continuously pouring in, including international orders for bulk volumes. Our collection of Nose Piercing Accessories comprises of the following:

  1. Ball End Nose pins
  2. Diamond Nose Pins
  3. L-Shaped Nose Pins
  4. Straight Nose Pins

Why Piercebody for Wholesale 9K Gold Nose Studs

We deal in manufacturing and selling the finest of piercing accessories at affordable prices along with assurance of quality. We put a premium on creating piercing accessories featuring exclusive designs, durability, and the assurance of knowing that your skin is safe against infections or allergic reactions. Our unbeatable prices on wholesale 9K Gold Nose Studs stand unrivalled.

We have gone beyond the usual business model, ensuring that piercing fashion accessories are developed at wholesale rates without compromising the quality. Our ‘Customer First’ approach has helped us increase our global presence. We are delivering piercing products with the assurance of boutique designs and use of 100% sterile materials. The advantage of a fully-owned production and wholesale platform means we don't involve middle men, eliminating possibilities of raising the sticker price.

Our exclusive range of Gold Nose Piercing accessories has been exclusively designed by our in-house team of master craftsmen. The artisan-like work ethics are clearly visible. These are not your run-of-the-mill piercing options. You are buying something special, nose piercings that are leagues ahead than their contemporaries in terms of overall durability and flawless finishing…