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Nose Studs

You will love our collection of nose studs and pins in gold. We have great varieties of 9k, 14k, and 18k nose gold pins that include nose twists, studs, fishtails, nose bones. We have diverse gold nose pin jewelry combined with lovely gemstones to suit your needs and budget.

Nothing adds such a beautiful sparkle to your face as a stunning nose pin does. Our online gold body jewelry shop brings for you a great palette of pins that suits every individual style. Our nose pins are real gold, smooth, and thin and come in a large array of modern designs. From traditional shapes to contemporary and smart, choose the one that serves you well making a personal statement of style. Be sure when you wear these cute pins, you’ll catch everybody’s attention, so pick your favourite and parade your beauty to the world.

Looking at all the tremendous amount of studs and hoops that overfloods the most important is to get one which suits perfectly your face structure. Thinking of nose piercings, studs appears to be the much safer choice. Here are the most comfortable basic styles to choose from:

  • pin;
  • l-shaped;
  • screw.

Depending on your style and preferences of comfort, choose the one to cause less of a hassle.

The fancy way to refresh your look

Piercings are definitely the in-thing now. They made a long way to be the most attractive piece of facial jewelery. Nose pins and studs are the most sophisticated tip to change the look when you are deadly bored of usuals, without showing you too dressy.

In today’s fashion circle we see nose piercings have gained immense prominence, now more women start getting in with this trend.

The gage of the post also plays a major role, cause modern fashion says your piercing should be thin, not lie flat on your nose but stand out. Now those conventional models are available in unique and stylish designs, such as a ring or a hoop with semi-precious or precious gemstones encrusted on it beautifully.

Nose pin, comfort and personality

Choosing your rings, hoops or studs, make sure the model you prefer does not have sharp edges.None wants to get caught on clothes or towels, which may cause badly pain. If your piercing is new, don’t change it before at least three months. As your precious nose is not just a skin but a cartilage, it needs time for complete healing.

Once decided to have a piercing, you need the right attitude to carry off a nose ring, so that it blends well with your personality.

Now you are able to shop from the full comfort, order it online easily and get it delivered streight to your doorstep in a shortest possible time. Payment is safe with convenient and secure options. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our online shop also offers easy returns and replacement policies.