Crystal Jewelry Set

Our assortment of jewelry with crystals is one of the very best. We have a large collection of suave, funky and wonderful jewelry sets of finest quality and innovative designs and you can have your pick at amazingly fair price range. Crystal brings positivity and has healing character.

From the outlandish to some mainstream designs, from the funky to suave, expect every crystal jewelry design in this category. Our team strives hard to ensure that there is always something more than expected, exclusive creations to grab your attention. The biggest surprise is that you get the latest in crystal jewelry at an amazingly humble price range. Why? Read ahead to understand how we manage to do this and yet create crystal jewelry that caters to every requirement, from red carpet events to parties and weddings.

About Piercebody Collection of Stunning Crystal Jewelry Sets

Our crystal jewelry sets are bestsellers, creating patrons with every passing day. The presence of sterling silver hooks and chains add more glamour. The look is somewhat of a fusion using vintage and modern-day inspirations. You get the assurance of fabulous designs that are the perfect everyday wear option and equally apt to be worn at special occasions. This design philosophy is present across the entire range at, including delectable sterling silver crystal jewelry sets.

  1. Luxurious despite being reasonably priced: Most of our crystal jewelry sets have an up market, very progressive aura. However, the pricing defies this. Using our own manufacturing, warehousing and retail channels, we have managed to create a luxury collection with modest pricing. This dynamic is yet to be seen in any other niche of piercing jewelry.
  2. All season, anytime jewelry: People who talk about jewelry being restrictive in terms of not being the best choice to be worn everywhere most probably haven’t seen our crystal jewelry sets. High-grade materials catch the light, creating a magnificent visual that sparkles with positivity.
  3. Everlasting designer jewelry: Sterling silver has brought a new dimension to the niche of fashionable jewelry. For starters, it does not fade away or lose its luster despite not being as pricey as gold or platinum. Your jewelry sparkles without any significant maintenance requirement. Expect anti-tarnish treatment along with immunity against discoloration to provide you fashionable, hypo-allergenic earrings.

What does has to offer to a crystal jewelry lover?

For over a decade, has been at the fore front of reinventing fashionable jewelry that is amazing resilient, perfect for everyday wear. The collection is reasonably priced to ensure more options within a limited pricing range. You get the advantage of buying complementary jewelry like pendants, rings and jewelry sets.

  1. We are body piercing jewelry specialists
  2. Delivering 100% customer satisfaction is not an objective, it’s a culture at
  3. The crystals are carefully chosen, in harmony with the guidance of crystal healers and experts to ensure they help you in rejuvenating yourself
  4. Our crystal jewelry makes for great gifting options. There is a color and design option for every lady, no matter her age, or fashion sense
  5. You get the best in customer care service where we help you gain significant insight about the jewelry’s creative process, how it makes it to the retail platform – we don't conceal any information!

Expect the Best in Crystal Jewelry

Using the best of online shopping practices, we have created the perfect platform for exploring and buying crystal jewelry. Our listing is progressive. Expect new styles and designs with frequent upgrades. The inventory is also ready for immediate shipping. Our logistical solutions have been optimized for timely delivery.

Complete your everyday ensembles with exquisite set of crystal jewelry sets. We have a crystal jewelry for every type of shopper, every occasion and across a long price range, ensuring you don't have to look for any alternative crystal jewelry shopping platform.

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39 Item(s)

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