Crystal Pendants

We have a remarkable collection of crystal jewelry for various types of body piercings. We have crystal tongue barbells, eyebrow banana, pendant, flesh tunnels multi crystal mobile phone charms, multi crystal stone ball necklace. The designs, patterns, colors are sure to amaze you. With us you get the guarantee of best quality at affordable prices.

Piercebody brings Healing Energy via its Beautiful Crystal Pendants

Crystal pendants are more than a fashion accessory. Yes, they are rather beautiful and are worn by women to complement their wardrobe selection but they have a deeper, more healing relevance. Most crystals have healing powers. They ensure that negative energies don't take a toll on your enthusiasm. Our collection of Crystal Pendants is perhaps the easiest way to introduce crystals into your daily life. You get the advantage of choosing from some truly fashionable, quirky and exclusive, Crystal Pendants. You can wear these to the office or team them with casual wear for partying. Either ways, you get the assurance of wearing something truly fashionable. Even if you don't believe in the healing capabilities of crystals, there is nothing at risk—these Crystal Pendants have been systematically treated to ensure the wearer does not face any risk. There is every chance that by wearing these Crystal Pendants you will feel more energized, get a boost in your confidence and will be able to overcome daily challenges with a more relaxed mind.

Why choose Piercebody for Crystal Pendants?

All crystals are not created equal – our team of crystal energy specialists ensure you get a curated list of crystals that have only positive, healing effects, neutralizing negative energies that can upset your mood, health or the stamina you need to tend to everyday schedules

  1. Crystal pendants need to be worn in a special way – this is vital for two reasons. Firstly, the pendant should look trendy, where the crystal is at the core of the design. Our master craftsmen ensure that the crystals are positioned for the maximum visual impact. Secondly, the manner in which crystals are strung together or placed alternatively, in different patterns also has affects their positive vibes
  2. Trust the Crystal Jewelry Specialists – there is no dearth of online shops retailing crystal pendants. However, there is a catch to this. Most crystal pendants that are retailed with the promise of helping you balance your energy chakras might be just advertising. It takes real expertise to ensure that the crystals are balanced and stimulated in the right manner for wholesome healing effects. This is what we do with a dedicated team of seasoned crystal jewelry makers.
  3. Invest where creativity meets affordability – expect a myriad of gorgeous shapes representing hearts, flowers, autumn leaves, and cartoon figures. Our style spotters are always on the lookout, seeking pendant designs that are trending. Expect this range of pendants to be frequently updated with new ideas and loads of refreshing designs, many of the verge of making a debut!

What makes different from its competitors? is the leading manufacturer in the niche of body piercing jewelry. These creations use premium materials that are treated for a flawless, gleaming surface, such as Stainless Steel and 925 Sterling Silver. We are piercing jewelry specialists. Our inventory has now become a choice for thousands of consumers from nearly 100 nations and our global footprints continue to multiply. We follow virtuous, fair-price practices, from procurement of precious stones, humane manufacturing environments and fair-trade pricing policy. You don't need to worry about the authenticity of materials used. We follow the most stringent quality-assessment practices to ensure compliance with industrial parameters.

From Wholesale to Retail, Piercebody has the Answers!

You will seldom find fashion jewelry, particularly crystal body piercing creations at wholesale rates. However, we have created a unique ecosystem of suppliers. Further, our production setup is complete, eradicating the room for any spike in the pricing. With superb quality-control measures and unique direct-to-market practices, our products are also available in the ready-to-ship, bulk order format. The merchandise is invariably shipped as per the committed schedule. Expect an educated customer care team that tries to deliver 100% satisfaction for every purchase. You can order individual units or order in bulk at special prices.

Our crystal pendants exude positive energies, made for folks who associate with a vibrant, colorful lifestyle. We are crystal jewelry specialists and use the best in materials such as surgical-grade stainless steel. Watch this space as we continue to add to our inventory of Crystal Pendants—handpicked selections for discerning buyers like you!

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