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Crystal Piercing Jewelry

We have one of the most exquisite and first rate collection of exciting crystal piercing jewelry. Suitable for all your needs, this crystal jewelry collection is available at affordable prices.

There is a reason we adore Crystal Piercing Jewelry – it provides an infinite canvas to be creative, challenge and inspire our craftsmen and deliver something that is exquisite. The Crystal Collection represents the most unique collection on Piercebody.com. This list of crystal jewelry is for the contemporary buyer, someone who understands the glittering beauty of these creations. As usual, we have managed to create an exhaustive list of products for your consideration without bloating the sticker price. The emphasis is on crystal piercing jewelry apart from essentials like rings and pendant for those who appreciate vibrant, dazzling designs.

Piercebody.com Crystal Collection: Sweet Cosmic Sparkle

Everything that glitters is not gold and we truly resonate with this proverb. Rather than using gold, we have used crystals in a myriad of colors and transparency to create a category that is truly magical. Among the relatively new collections added to our growing list of body piercing jewelry, the Crystal Collection has turned out to be a major crowd puller. From crystal rings to more elaborate jewelry sets, you get the entire range of crystal jewelry here. Some of these are fashion accessories while others are meant to glamorize you. This collection is not short on inspiration. Just consider this—we have more than 350 belly button crystal rings that continue to outsell, often rushing us for restocking to ensure that our dedicated patrons are not left waiting.

Being Exclusive Comes Easy to Piercebody Crystal Collection

We would be lying if we said that we have pioneered the cause of Crystal Jewelry. However, there is something special we bring to the table—fashionable craftsmanship and the use of top-notch materials. With an artisan like approach, our creative team tends to different crystals, ensuring that each cut, exposed facet can be properly aligned to create another stunner.

Expect Some Attention-grabbers in this collection

Crystal pendants and rings too have been creating a lot of traction. This is primarily due to the exclusive manner in which our seasoned crew tends to crystals, using them to create a delightful illusion. Each crystal is rated on the basis of globally accepted benchmarks. This includes the ability to reflect light, opaqueness and shadow. You might find a lot of Zirconia in these creations. Expect some blue sapphire and marcasite too apart from the eternal crystal piercing jewelery like pearls and opals.

Piercebody does Crystal Pierce Jewelery like none of its Counterparts

Crystal piercing jewelry is a rather demanding niche. Most of the stones are high on that typical glittery effect. However, differently sized and cut stones need to be aligned together in a manner that the overall design is harmonious, a blend but beautiful just like a rainbow. This is where our team of fashion jewelry designers comes to the fore. Using their experience and the feedback from our customers, they strive hard to create crystal jewelry that looks more premium than it actually is—we call this creative brilliance. This approach makes our collection a deviation from the obvious, boring choices.

  1. Crystal jewelry has a sense of eternity about it – you cannot get enough of it or be bored crystal body jewelry
  2. Crystals have natural brilliance – this means the craftsmen need to input minimal efforts to polish or accentuate the degree of sparkle the crystals exude
  3. Our list of piercing crystal jewelry is still growing – we are investing serious manpower and skills to create a collection that addresses every occasion, from cocktail rings to elaborate body crystal ensembles
  4. Expect impeccable craftsmanship – crystal jewelry is less about being subtle and exudes a liberating, expressive type of lifestyle choice
  5. We recommend you to take the time and explore our crystal collection if bold and glamorous designs are your first preference
  6. This is a fusion of premium and fashion jewelry, something that can be easily used as a part of your fashion accessory approach

What makes us the preferred crystal body piercing jewelery specialist?

  1. Our products are certified by qualified quality analysts to ensure compliance with industrial standards
  2. From product procurement to warehousing and retailing our products, we follow ethical, fair-price practices
  3. Our range of body piercing crystal jewelry continues to expand, as our designers dig deeper into different consumer mindsets
  4. This online platform enriches you with product knowledge to ensure you make an educated buying decision
  5. We are always ready for bulk or wholesale orders with ready-to-ship merchandise and shipping services established with leading logistics providers

Crystal Collection is sincerely recommended to those who love colors; unconventional interplay of hues that tend to change when light falls upon them. This collection is more vivacious, full of creative zeal and the enthusiasm has been appreciated by our long-time patrons who believe this is the most comprehensive selection of body piercing crystal jewelry at unbeatable prices.