Clear,Sapphire and Green Color 9K Gold Ball End Nose Pins in Mini Box

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Body Part :Nose
Material :9K Solid Gold
Thickness :22G
Length :6 mm
Stone :Czech Crystal
Stone setting :Prong-set
Stone Colors : 8 pieces of CLEAR
6 pieces of SAPPHIRE
6 pieces of GREEN
Break out from the regular, pale look with the Clear, Sapphire and Green Colour 9K Gold Ball End Nose Pins in Mini Box. The dazzling crystals are presented in three different colours like clear, sapphire as well as green. The box constitutes 8 clear 9K gold nose pins, 6 sapphire 9K gold nose pins, and 6 Green 9K gold nose pins. 9K Gold Nose Pin. Price per Box only.