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Tongue Piercing


Among body alterations tongue piercing appears to be quite popular for many years. But such a brave step is risky as well, if one uses accessories of bad quality. Luckily, there are spectacular and totally safe trinkets sold on our site.

Tongue piercing: reasons to make

For some conservative people it is hard to make up their minds to pierce some easily observed parts of body: eyebrows, nose, belly, etc. Sometimes there is no such possibility, for example, due to job dress code. Therefore, those who still crave to have hardly visible piercing make holes in their tongues: it’s not less spectacular, but still does not catch too much attention. However, there are certain reasons to choose exactly tongue piercing:

  • it is relatively safe (the place of piercing regenerates quicker than in other body parts);
  • it requires less care;
  • accessories might not put off every time one takes shower or sunbathes or just goes to sleep;
  • minimum inconvenience – just in 10-14 days people get totally used to accessories in mouth.

Generally tongue piercing doesn’t look shocking or provocative, so person of any age may opt for it.

Our recommendations

Tongue piercing accessories we sell are manufactured of different materials: titanium, silver, UV steel, bio flex, etc. When deciding, what exactly can be suitable for you, mind the following:

  1. As for metal bars and rings, one should wear the safest for the skin - try and check how body will react on metal. Note for beginners: it is preferable to put a silver bar in pierced hole – it will make wounded muscle heal better and disinfect it.
  2. Bio flex is a new material combining all advantages: doesn't cause irritations or sensitivity of skin while looking superior.
  3. Purchasing easy as One, Two, Three

Here are all conditions to create an excellent online shopping experience:

  1. We have created a user-friendly website presenting all the info on production and offers.
  2. All materials for jewelry production are certified and 100% safe.
  3. We provide delivery to all countries. Moreover, it costs you nothing if you are a wholesale buyer (starting at $500) or a retail purchaser (minimum $25).
  4. Our catalogue never stays the same - new arrivals and limited editions every day.
  5. Our reasonable prices allow everybody buy something special without overpaying.

Buying interesting accessories for piercing has never been so easy! Piercebody.com online shop is where you will find the trinkets of your dream!

Decorating the tongue with an exquisite piece is your desire and we take it as command and create a variety of tongue piercing jewelries that will drop a lot of jaws. We have tongue labrets, rings and barbells made from top quality 316 surgical steels, G23 grade titanium, silver and gold. Tongue piercing is very sensitive, as compared to, other body part piercing.