Wholesale Septum Piercing

We offer a variety of septum piercing jewelry in different styles and materials so that you're sure to find the perfect septum rings to add to your collection.The septum ring is worn in the septum which is the area that separates the right nostril from the left one. The septum is made of cartilage tissue but the piercing is actually not done on the cartilage 1/2 only. It is actually done in the sweet spot which is a gap that is found in the septum cartilage. Septum ring jewelry has been there in the society since the ancient times when it was more of a tradition than fashion. In today’s modern times however septum rings have become jewelry for self-expression clip on belly chain. After the popularity of earlobes piercing come the nose piercing and the septum piercing with septum rings 6mm circular. The septum piercing has gained so much popularity as a fashion statement because of the nose’s prominence in the human face. gold toe ring

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More about Septum Piercing Jewelry

Two famous types of septum ring jewelry are captive bead ring and circular barbell. It depends on the person who wants to go for the septum ring jewelry what septum rings he/she should go for. The captive septum rings are very stylish and have a bead incorporated in the center of the ring Cones 6mm . Barbells are particularly a good option for piercings that are in the healing stage.2 gauge nose ring

In many workplaces wearing septum rings is considered highly unprofessional and reflects an attitude that is not acceptable in the workplace. So to hide the piercing one can easily find septum retainers.solid hoop Septum retainers are available in different sizes just as the nose rings so one has to be careful while buying them and one should always go for the proper size of septum retainer.14k lip rings.

Septum piercing is a common trend! Regardless of the sexes, septum ring is among the topmost choices to look stylish and to stay ahead of the game. For men and women who are always on a lookout for fashion that defines their uniqueness, try septum clickers for, at least, once in their lifetime. Unlike nose piercing, septum clickers are usually worn on the cartilaginous wall, AKA, the septum. A septum ring is suitable for pierced septum as well as non-pierced septum. If you have doubts to submit to any painful procedure of piercing, then you can willfully opt for non-piercing septum jewelry. The latter one is a bit different! You can simply clip on a fake, non-piercing septum ring on your sweet spot. However, a septum piercing remains safely locked onto your septum wall. If you are planning to opt for Septum piercings, then here are few pointers to keep in mind: • Always clean the area near your septum. You can use alcohol or an anti-bacterial soap for the cleaning process. • If you’ve recently punctured your septum wall, it may heal in a span of 1-2 months. • Don’t rush while inserting a septum ring. It may injure your nose badly. • A septum ring, sometimes, comes attached with a clamp to ensure easy insertion. • Dermal anchors are also used for creating larger holes. If you want to enlarge a pierce, you can try using a scalpel as well. After following the aftercare instructions, you can browse for the largest selection of septum piercing jewelry types on Piercebody.com. It is one largest webstores that is engaged in dealing for a large collection of septum clickers, septum non-piercings, and other accessories at the most genuine rates. These septum rings are often crafted out of 316L surgical steel in conformance to the topmost standards of skin-friendliness.

Septum jewelry is the best arrival which comes under perfect metals to undertake with good piercing activity. In addition, there are large collections of septum jewelry are available which grab attention on love the bright design forever.

Of course, the Septum Jewelry is a kind of nose piercing jewelry which gives stunning look for the women in the present day market. However, this jewelry takes a custom design that provides good renovation required to access with smooth and varnish silver collections forever. In addition to this, the people are grabbing attention on choosing the greatest arrival for giving better renovation required to smooth as well as forged type of jewelry collections forever. It makes the women get an attractive look by giving stunning collections of septum brands for everyone.

Design of Septum Jewelry

Circular closure piercing jewelry has multiple uses where they are also applied to various body parts like ears, lips, genitals and the septum piercing. Surgical steel closure rings are circular rings with an attached ball which completes the circle which is detachable. They are safe from skin infections and have a glossy shine because of the high-grade steel used and have a longer life when used regularly with no scratches and rust.

Men and women love these cheap septum jewelry body piercing closure rings which have a unique style statement which is loved by people with a wild and erotic fashion sense and are available at discounted prices.

However, there are numerous design collections are available which meets the desired collection for the women who need it. In addition, this type meets proper arrangement which takes a simple approach for designing the jewelry in a simple manner. Of course, the design consists of many new models that have designed with perfect requirement using the septum jewelry for women.

Septum jewelry

Black Diamond Coronet Ring with Briolette

This type of black diamond coronet ring with Briolette consists of 18k gold with the milgrain details. In addition, the septum jewelry consists of the diamond range which beads with dangles to get a charming look for the women. It provides better movement by wearing it from the bottom. It can be easily closed and open as per the type of piercing model.

SilverHiranya Clicker

This is a collection which specifies the subtly detailed features that mingle with the banded gold surface to meet proper appearance forever. This types of nose rings provide ascending sizes that worn together which is suitable for inner diameter for suitable women. All colors are available which consists of nickel free and does not give any risks on the nose. It is specially designed with alloy with palladium instead of nickel maximize the properties of the color. So, you can use this septum jewelry which is sold using the nickel free collections forever.

Diamond Crescent Reversible Clicker Ring

In this type, the ring gives two looks in one ring and with the three flush set around the diamond. In addition, the matte finish is wonderful in which it describes the compliments on the corner. With the lightly polished edge, the ring gives more contrast and versatility that provides septum in small size. In addition, it has the design with 18k rose gold nose ring takes nickel free arrival for the customers.

Fixed Ball Ring

The fixed ball rings take various diameters which come under the stainless ball that impresses the women to wear it. In addition, the ball is welded to the ring and provides great opportunity to show fashion using bead ring. By removing the ball, the material is annealed with the stainless steel which is very soft and easy to bend it using the 18 gauge nose ring. The welded ball in the septum jewelry suits well for the women by giving excellent look forever.

Fixed Cubic Zirconia Septum Ring

This is a ring which consists of a 14k gold ring which is sealed with zirconia at the gap. Moreover, it offers beautiful look with ring touch and deserves with the lower price point in the market today. It is highly setting up with drilling one and receives a rounded end of the ring with this type. It must be nickel free and does not provide any hassle to the women who wear this type. Also, the thickness of the ring consists of 1mm thickness and easy to wear it for piercing.

Septum Plain Ring

This type of septum jewelry plain ring makes the women consider the right type of rings forever. In addition, this plain ring which collects the wonderful design and consider the marvelous collections forever. Of course, the plain ring consists of exclusive collections to meet proper guidance to meet septum jewelry collections for everyone.

Titanium Ring

There are some classic designs which consist of timeless choices for wedding collections for everyday rings. In addition, the rings are designed according to the ultimate comfort and durability for wearing the rings in a simple manner. So, this consists of everyday rings that gather attention on choosing right pattern for piercing custom-crafted design.

Handcuff Clicker Ring

Both dainty and edgy collections are made according to the handcuff shaped twist and classic clicker rings to meet accordingly. In addition, small size rings are considering the average septum that makes the piercing location strong as possible. However, this ranges with size guide for considering the superb Septum Piercings forever. So, this is really wondering in giving solid gold and nickel and hypoallergenic for considering the average stylish collections.

Double Chain Septum Spinner

This ring comes with the striking piece and considers the new innovative septum rings and consists of two chains in slightly longer forever. In addition, the design consists of the internally threaded end cap on meeting rotating settings one which prevents the chain from tangling securely attachment for the women. The thickness of the ring consists of 1.3 mm that takes a proper approach for meeting reliable ring collections forever.

Diamond Accent Single Chain Spinner

This piece of new, innovative and consider the septum spinners to grab attention on chains for these designs. However, this prevents from the chain from tangling and sparkling 2mm diamond adorning the latest collections forever. The back of the closed facial remembers to occlude the diamond and it will remain brilliant. Moreover, this is essential to meet right pattern for encouraging the scalloped edge setting for everyone.


From the above discussion, the Septum Piercings takes a good approach for gaining fashion collection rings and other types to decide forever. In addition, the customers are choosing the right pattern for choosing the diamond collections for everyone. So, this septum collection provides tangling appeal for the women to undertake the brilliant jewelry set for the women need it. As a result, it meets proper guidance for the customers who need to grab attention on choosing the right platform for piercing activity.