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Our century is the time everybody wishes to stand out and look special. Somebody decides to wear odd clothes, others make tattoos, while the bravest ones try nipple piercing. Think it's crazy? Well, such body alteration can look very pretty if done by specialist who uses high-quality accessories made of safe materials. Where to find good trinkets for reasonable cost? You’ve come to the right place, solves this problem.

No pain – no gain?

“Nipple piercing must be not worth all the pains or inconveniences it causes," – most of us may reckon. In fact, neither women nor men complain about anything once it is done. The secret is simple. Specialists use high-quality materials that do not cause sensitivity or irritation: steel, titanium and silver. These metals prevent putrefaction and dirtying.

If all these conditions are followed, this type of body decoration looks sexy and challenging without causing inconvenience or any pain.

Welcome to Piercebody catalogue

We offer various nipple piercing accessories in latest interesting designs: floral, casual (unisex) or brutal. Color of stones may also be selected. The merits of our production:

  • wide choice;
  • total safety;
  • size chart to find suitable item;
  • modern chic design.

Nipple piercing is not as scary as it seems if you have found an online store with superb offers and high-grade items.

Purchase of your dream is possible

We want all our customers to have shopping they won't regret:

  1. Convenient website with useful search by categories.
  2. Free consultation by our specialists.
  3. We renew catalogue and constantly introduce devices for piercing and various accessories.
  4. Certificates for all the materials we apply: safety and quality are guaranteed.
  5. You'll be agreeably surprised by price rates that are lower than in other shops.
  6. Delivery is rendered to both retail and wholesale buyers, it is free for bulk orders.
  7. Exclusive deals and offers, limited collections and big sales.

Nipple piercing is a highly delicate and intimate thing in all senses of this word, so it requires special treatment and special accessories that not only will look nice, but be safe and comfortable. Online shopping at is here to provide spectacular and fashionable jewelry without overpaying! Our customers always get what they want.

Ideally rings were worn as nipple jewelries; with our huge range of collection of Nipple Piercing from various materials, styles, shapes, sizes and colors your choice are no more limited to same old monochromatic boring rings, here you have the choice to much more. Click on your desired material and discover our collections.

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47 Item(s)

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