Foot Jewelry

We’ve got used to wearing classic jewelry on neck, ears and fingers, but now many people prefer new kinds of accessories that look interesting and exotic. One of such types is rings for toes. It became a real hit right after introduction.

Distinctive features of toe rings

Foot accessories are used mainly by young girls and women. It completes your beachwear and draws attention to feet, being put on toes. Other advantages:

  • such type of accessories goes without special treatment or care;
  • rings can be simply put off;
  • it is totally harmless for body;
  • such rings bring no discomfort and do not cause problems with skin;
  • all models are without size, it is regulated;
  • such jewelry is more original that ordinary rings for fingers.

Such kind of accessories seems to be fancy and funny, so we preferred to present corresponding designs.


Our offer includes bright foot jewelry, and this list is not final: we always work new designs out. Today we have UV react silicone rings and hand-painted rings that can serve as foot piercing as well. All colors applied are bright, so these variants are perfect for summertime and, especially for the beach. As for UV accessories, they are ideal for wearing in club, they shine in neon light and look even fancier. Multiple designs are presented: cartoon characters, flowers, hearts and other symbols. The diameter of rings can be regulated. Check for new arrivals.

We provide the best

We strive to have every client fully satisfied with online shopping. Here are our benefits:

  1. All updates, fresh arrivals or interesting offers (both for sets and single items) are introduced constantly.
  2. Convenient search allows finding item according to body part, material, price category, etc.
  3. We may deliver your order anywhere you want, and if you make wholesale purchase at minimum $500 or buy retail at minimum $25 it is free of charge.
  4. 24-hour help of assistants: ask your questions by clicking the tab in the right.
  5. Materials we use are certified: don’t doubt in their exclusive quality.
  6. Select suitable item using size chart.
  7. Want something special? Check for exclusive goods and limited collections.

Toe rings are perfect accessories that are cheap, but look very original and elegant. We provide the most beneficial offers and exclusive jewelry!

Our foot piercings jewellery has a varied number of choices of colors and designs to choose from. We have here UV react silicone and sterling silver and hand printed toe ring with mixture of green, red and blue as colors which can be worn both as toe piercing and toe ring.

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9 Item(s)

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