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Modern young people just love standing out of the crowd, and the ways to be special are getting far more complicated: unusual clothes are not enough, many start covering their bodies with tattoos, others deliberately scar themselves, while the rest prefer piercing. One of classic types of piercing is eyebrow, it looks original and highlights the zone of eyes. And there is a chance to make your image even brighter.

For and against

Such an interesting type of body adornment can be made by men and women. And only dress code or fear of pain may be the reasons to be against it. Otherwise, eyebrow piercing may perfectly express your personality. But there are certain demands to the jewelry used:

  1. Accessories should not cause any discomfort - if you don't sense foreign body above your eyes, it is properly made piercing.
  2. Safety is number one priority. No irritation or sensitivity of skin are conditioned by materials. Those who had eyebrows pierced recently are advised to wear silver bars (this metal is sterile).
  3. Trying to pay less, don’t forget about quality. Pay once and wear accessories for a long time.

You deserve the best, so only high-quality accessories should be used.

What offers we have

Our catalogue includes various accessories. The majority of fake eyebrow piercing jewelry are rings and bars. They are manufactured from UV steel, UV plastic, anodized metal, titanium, gold and silver. Interesting designs catch attention and express your personality.

How we differ

We do our best to ensure easy order arrangement and purchase satisfaction. Our clients value us for:

  1. Moderate prices and constant sales: we make all our items affordable without affecting quality.
  2. Web-site has everything the customers need: useful search, information, documents, convenient catalogue.
  3. Excellent conditions for wholesale buyers and retailers: worldwide delivery is free when a purchase for certain amount is made.
  4. Limited editions, interesting offers and outlets: you can always find special items.
  5. We provide certificates for the materials used.
  6. All production is safe and tested.
  7. You can select the currency and payment system.

Our basic aim is to make stylish modern jewelry accessible for everybody and to prove that piercing can be elegant. We are happy to please our customers and wish them to enjoy online shopping.

Eyebrow piercing jewelries have always been hype. It not only adds an edgy look to your style but also has a certain glam to it.