Wholesale Silver Spinal Belly Rings

p>Our collection of silver spinal belly rings with colorful engravings will help you make a broad statement about your piercing fashion choices. As it is widely known, fashion is not merely about fancy clothes or shining jewelries; fashion is about making a statement to onlookers. Our silver-made collection of spinal belly rings will help you make the much needed statement among your admirers.

Silver Spinal Belly Piercing Collection

Our collection of silver belly piercing rings range from authentic navel jewelries to the top-rated spinal button rings. Most of the jewelries are carved to epitomize flowers and animals such as turtles and butterflies. Others have lovely symbols such as judgment balance and human heart.

A good example of products in this category includes the Jeweled Eye Cobra Spinal Belly Button Ring. The lovely cobra-shaped ring with green eyes popping out and an equally attractive tail-end will help you add a new twist to your looks and accessories. 

Another leading ring piercing in this category is the Anchor with the Hook Spinal Navel Jewelry that has lovely green studs dotting a silver sailor’s anchor. The long and straight piercing ring is satisfactory for use to both men and women, therefore making it one of the few spinal belly rings that do not look awkward when worn by both sexes. Here you can also find:

  • lovely floral rings of different colors;
  • Zodiac signs;
  • mythological animals like dragons etc.

Why Buy Belly Piercing Rings from Our Online Store?

Piercebody.com provides an outstanding online shopping experience that will make you come back for more. Our internet shopping outlet is easy to navigate with top-quality pictures of every belly piercing product you need. We also have a friendly customer service team that is available to offer free assistance 24 hours a day.

Buy our spinal belly rings today and get a perfect opportunity of enhancing your fashion theme in a simple and engaging way. You can also visit other pages for a collection of gold belly rings for your fashion needs or amazing Monroe piercing rings.

Add a little twist to your look and accessories with our spinal belly rings piercing made from silver to provide you that ecstatic style that you crave for. This collection of belly piercing is solely dedicated to cherish colorful stones and the engraved designs. These belly piercings are easy to open and purchase at low price.

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51 Item(s)

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