A body jewelry is a jewelry specially made for body piercing jewelry. has body jewelry in all collections including the metal creations of gold body jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, titanium collections and 316l stainless steel jewelry. Body jewelry has been used since hundreds of years. Body jewelry has been worn for various purposes like for religious needs or ritual beliefs. As Body piercing as taken over the generation body jewelry has been attracted by the public eyes everyday and every minute. Jewelry like Nose Rings, Toe Rings, Chains. Earrings, Labrets, Earplugs, Nose Studs, Rings, Pendants, Nipple Rings, Navel or Belly Rings are being made everyday and have ruled over the body jewelry industry. Body Jewelry can look trendy and stylish. Some of the body jewelry is decorated with gem stones which make them look more beautiful and attractive. It is perfect to be presented to someone as a gift or to be worn at any occasions. It is very difficult today to find anyone not been pierced anywhere. Body Jewelry can be of various shapes and sizes.

925 Sterling Silver Fancy Toe rings.It is highly hand polished and hand created.

Fancy Plain Toe Rings

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925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Toe Rings.


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