925 Sterling Silver Flower with Dazzling CZ Stone Ear Pin Stud

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Dazzle yourself with these stunning ear Pin Studs. The studs sparkle with Clear Zirconia Ice stones. The earrings are crafted of 925 sterling silver. Treat yourself to that luxurious feeling you get when you know you are the brightest star in the room. These are no ordinary earrings, but a statement of class and elegance, fit for any occasion.
Body Part : Ear

Material : 925 Sterling Silver

Prepping up for a lavish tea party? Get the perfect look with the Pearl Ball Stud Earring with Multi Jewelled Ferido Ball Top. A 16 mm pearl is connected via a 925 sterling silver stem to an 8 mm-wide ferido ball in this design. These simulated pearl studs can easily create magic to turn every onlooker into a fan. 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Ball Stud Earring with Multi Jeweled Ferido Ball Top.
Price by Pair only.