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Represent the highest standards of fashion as you slip on these Tragus Piercings. These piercings can make you look edgy, spunky and absolutely fashionable. These trendy tragus ear piercings are offered in a standard size.

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If you crave for tragus piercing, then you are one of those fashion zealots who contemplate body art as a form of expression and creativity.  These piercings are at the cutting-edge of fashion and rapidly gaining popularity in the mainstream.  Considered to be one of the most popular forms of piercing, helix piercing sets you apart from the rest of the pack by giving you an instant authority and perfection. We are the leading authority in the niche of Tagus Piercings—considered the most liberal form of body piercing and experimented by most A-listed celebrities.

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First of all, the complex curves of ear render several chances to adorn it with tragus piercing jewelry. Because it draws huge attention comparable to other parts of the body. A hole on the ear at the lower part of the ear tunnel also means to be as tragus piercing. It gains huge prominence consequently in recent times. Yet, with the ever-growing demand for body piercing.

tragus piercing jewelry


While in the front portion of the ear canal, the tragus composes of a small area of the ear, they call cartilage or a flap. Tragus piercing features stylish yet simple jewel that delivers a more glamorous touch to the face. Much as the normal piercing on the ear lobe, tragus piercing still intricate and do with great attention.

However, you need not scared about the piercing process due to the technological advancement that will aid in painless piercing or with less pain. You can accentuate your new look with these trendy piercing. You can probably get a piercing either to adorn fashionable jewels or leave a stunning presence on the street.

tragus jewelry

What is The Process in Getting a Tragus Piercing

Women mostly prefer getting tragus piercing jewelry and it is done by means of a small piece. The specialized expert will make use of small gauge hollow piercing needle to pierce the tragus. While getting pierced, a smaller piece of rubber will be kept at the other side of the tragus. Yet, a bit of pressure applies during piercing since this particular part of the ear is a bit fleshy. The pain that involves in this process would last for some days and in a few cases. The tragus piercing process also accompanied by bleeding to some extent. It is important to consider the size of gauge and typically small gauges are chosen for a tragus piercing. This, in turn, will determine the size of rings and studs being worn after

The pain that involves in this process would last for some days and in a few cases. The tragus piercing process also accompanied by bleeding to some extent. It is important to consider the size of gauge and typically small gauges are chosen for a tragus piercing. This, in turn, will determine the size of rings and studs being worn after tragus piercing jewelry.


Tragus piercing is performed on an unobtrusive part of the body. This emphasizes the need for proper aftercare in order to recover from the pain soon. Tragus piercing is familiar among youth and jewelry for this sort of piercing is available in a host of designs.

You can select from circular barbells or curved barbells that are available in distinct colors and sizes. The cartilage jewelry is designed specially to improve the appeal of the ear to display a fashionable appeal.

types of tragus piercing

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

No matter, whether it is for upper ear piercing or ear lobe, it is relatively simple to find tragus jewelry now. Tragus jewelry bestows huge forms, colors and various kinds of body jewelry that include rings, Monroe labrets, nipple bars, spikes, eyebrow bars, curved barbells, flesh tunnels. Belly button rings and much more. You can also find a special kind of

You can also find special kind of tragus piercing jewelry for your ear that provides you with a tribal look. Most kinds of jewelry are based on the designs and the shapes that supply different look to the wearer.

tragus jewelry with gems

Custom Made Tragus Jewelry

Custom made tragus jewelry is the popular choice nowadays. The personalized tragus jewelry is perfect for your wonderful piercings with handmade tribal studs and diamond studs. You can probably show your designs to the expert and your ideas will come to reality by them. Furthermore, there are also superior quality tragus jewelry available for ear, tongue, lip, nose, belly button, labret and nipple piercings and other kinds of ear piercings including scaffolds, tapers, flesh tunnels, stretched ear plugs and tragus rings.

different types of tragus piercing

Different Types of Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Tragus jewelry is available either as ear studs, tribal earrings or silver earrings. If you like to wear tragus studs featured with gems, you can go for gem ear studs, tragus clear heart ear studs with gems, clear marquee ear studs with gem and other gem studded tragus jewelry out there. Your selection of materials for your body piercing jewelry including platinum, gold, zircon, diamonds, titanium, stainless steel, acrylic and several more.


You can consider discussing with the experts about the suggestion on piercing problems involving changing or removing your body jewelry. Lately, steel body piercing and tragus gold jewelry have become more popular. Silver or platinum earlobe jewelry with colorful stones in it is more wonderful.

Here are the best available earrings for you to buy, Check out our stock.

Even if you wish to go for expensive options like diamonds, consider finding a tragus barbell featured with diamond studs. If you prefer, you can also get a segment, teardrops and bar closure rings or simple and plain silver earrings with plain stones and all other kinds of captive body rings.


Choosing The Best Tragus Piercing Jewelry Online

Tragus piercing jewelry forms an exclusive ear piercing for the overall beautification of your face. Feel and look better, with an excellent range of tragus jewelry. If you consider having a tragus piercing, you should go through the amazing selection of tragus piercing jewelry that could suit you better.

Visit the specialty stores that stock exclusive selection of ear piercing like tragus piercing jewelry. There are stores online for all kinds of body piercing and bestows a wide collection of colors, sizes, and styles, everything at a reduced price. You can decide your tragus piercing jewelry by type, material or body piercing, using the different links found online.


Also, go further in checking a different kind of tragus fashion jewelry and pick the type you like. Make the selection by your own or look for an expert’s assistance to find the right jewelry that suits your personality and complexion.

Look for a variety of ear piercing jewelry either circular barbells, acrylic body jewelry, banana design or body rings. Choose normal curve in shape, types of curved barbells for all piercing including tragus piercing. Consequently in a range of make and sizes. Choose the retail store online that reputes for your widest collection of designs in tragus piercing jewelry.


Stylish Tragus Piercing Jewelry Types

There are huge varieties of jewelry options while it comes to tragus piercing. The tragus jewelry has several different sizes, shapes and also designs. The very common tragus piercing jewelry include,


  • Tragus Studs

Studs provide a sophisticated, ideal look and suitable for people who want to portray a sense of professionalism with an equal focus on fashion and style. Offer your tragus piercing a trendy touch with one of the pretty tragus studs. The eye-catchy tragus piercing studs come featured in a wider range of designs to cater to your style.

They mix funky shapes with comfort so that you can wear tragus studs for all kinds of occasion. You can also find the largest collection of upper ear studs and lobe and also ear cuffs that can make a style statement.


  • Tragus Rings

Seems like this ring is the perfect option for many people. Since they render a wider assortment of styles to pick from, including barbell rings, beaded rings, segment rings and much more.

  • Tragus Barbells

Barbells are considered perfect for those who want to display the wilder part of their nature. These enchanting adornments come in various patterns and designs to offer that catchy look.


Let’s check out some of the tragus piercing jewelry that is worth trying out.

  • Micro Body Spiral in Surgical Steel

Deliver a discreet sparkle to any kind of piercing with this exotic piece of microbody spiral tragus jewelry. This jewelry offers you a petite, sleek look and is considered ideal for piercings made closer to the ear or small ears. Since this macro body spiral has a design using surgical steel, it is very comfortable, smooth and also biocompatible. It also features two removable balls.


Because of the smaller size of this spiral tragus piercing jewelry, it is necessary to measure your piercing before you buy. Wearing a piece of jewelry that is very small can lead to problems; hence always measure your piercing firsthand to make sure that the spiral is the proper size.

  • Clear Gem Jumble of Jewels for Tragus Earring

You can probably bring some glamorous touch to your tragus piercing. With this ideal tragus earring that features a jumble of clear gems in different shape and size alongside the length of jewelry.


  • 18 Gauge Gem Mystical Octopus Tragus Earring

This mystic octopus tragus earring symbolizes purity, regeneration, and creativity. It is featured with clear gem eyes. It's an 18 gauge tragus stud earring that rather utilizes for lobes, upper ear, conch, and helix and tragus piercings.

  • Silver and Steel Tragus Bar

Obtain a glowing style with this orange steel and silver tragus bar or lobe. It is a cool tragus piercing stud that features with the sterling silver design having orange dots glowing green under UV light. The design stays flat on your ear, suitable for ear lobes, helix, and tragus piercing.

  • Silver and Steel Lobe with Feature Design

Include a quirky touch to your ear piercing with this steel and silver feature steel tragus bar or lobe. This dazzling ear piercing is made of sterling silver on a surgical steel bar with a steel ball that is removable.

  • Aqua Gem Dolphin Cartilage Earring

Either you can jump or swim in the sea wearing this 16 gauge tragus earring. It has also featured a dolphin charm emphasizing a single aqua gem for a sparkling way out of the shining sea. This straight barbell is especially relevant due to durable surgical steel stainless steel. It is also used for a durable style for your tragus piercing.

Are you looking for the amazing way of expressing yourself with stylish earrings? The tragus earrings are a convenient choice for you to enhance your beauty in an extraordinary way.

What is A Tragus Earring?

The tragus piercing is a perforation in tragus that projects from the front of the ear canal. It's suitable for inserting and wearing an extensive piece of tragus piercing jewelry. Tragus earring piercing is usually made with the small gauge hollow piercing needle. They insert in small diameter captive bead ring as well as small gauge piercing jewelry.


  • A low-gauge needle is hollow, that they can be suitable for curved or straight preference.
  • The fashion looking tragus earrings are available based on the Barbells. Earring studs and captive bead rings could be easily worn in an extraordinary way.
  • Tragus piercings are not very painful. There's the only smaller amount of the nerve endings in regions of Tragus.
  • Tragus earrings act as perfect fit jewelry. It also specifically designed for making a high-end fashionable look.


  • The stylish tragus earrings jewelry has hundreds of beautiful designs. With the latest styles so that it is quite suitable for enjoying a new look.
  • Tragus is a small flap of cartilage present in front of the ear so that it gives a fashionable look.
  • The days of simple jewelry wear is over. There are many numbers of stylish piercings technique evolved. Also, many people are choosing a trendy and fashionable way.
  • All tragus jewelry acts as best quality. You can also choose the materials according to some of listed below:


  • Bioplast Acrylic
  • Stainless Steel
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • 14kt Gold
  • These fantastic collections of styles range with the funky designs would add more premium line of handmade beauty in the absolute and fashionable look.
  • Tragus earrings can also be fitted with the 14k gold diamonds, pearls, gemstones as well as opal labret materials thus giving you the more convenient option.


925 Sterling Silver Tragus Earrings

  • The .925 Sterling Silver Tragus Earrings brings you the extensive crafted as well as a perfect touch of the cool piercing.
  • Each of these tragus earrings is made from high-quality sterling silver so that it is quite suitable for getting the most fashionable look.

tragus earrings

  • They are designed to easily sit flush against your skin thus making the most comfortable wear in an absolute way.
  • It would be much superior and pretty give your more fashionable look in an extraordinary way.
  • The captive bead ring jewelry also symbolizes complex as well as often entangled nature of love and wearing them would be a great choice with shine and exceptional gloss.


Bioplast & Acrylic Tragus Earrings

  • Piercings are quite the challenge of finding the right jewelry that matches everything that you wear.
  • The stylish tragus earrings jewelry comes in shades to match your outfit so that it would be much suitable for enjoying a classy look.
  • These fun acrylics glow-in-the-dark and UV which are quite stylish.
  • Bioplast push-in rings also feature with the classic push-in design which is also much more flexible in the absolute style.


Cubic Zirconia Tragus Earrings

  • Don't miss out the beautiful looking special Cartilage Cubic Zirconia Tragus Earrings Earring Value Set.
  • The tragus earrings studs have the beautiful looking single round cubic zirconia stone and it is quite suitable for enjoying the high fashion look.
  • The Tragus Earrings wraps with the extensive special purchase opportunity so that it would be quite suitable for enjoying the highest benefits.


  • Many numbers of people are also looking for this kind of stylish jewelry as they make a very amazing fashionable look.
  • Exquisitely feminine cartilage piercings are available in the high extensive quality so it would be suitable to impress your loved one.
  • Beautiful CZ earring sets add a dash of elegant shimmer along with the ablaze lighting.


Diamond Tragus Earrings

  • Are you looking for the amazing Diamond Tragus Earrings with a simple design? there is a wonderful collection of beautiful tragus earrings with highest levels of brilliance.
  • This stud cartilage earring has designs of clear round cut diamond to get the level of glow as well as sparkling.
  • This beauty tragus earring made with 14K white Gold and acts as the love with the most glossy qualities.
  • Show the world wearing the low setting labret and amazing Diamond Tragus Earrings in a fashionable way.
  • This Diamond Tragus Earring is a must-have for anyone who likes to get a fashionable look in an amazing way.
  • This style of body jewelry is also quite suitable for the cartilage earring by giving a more classic look.
  • This is a genuine diamond of excellent quality set and you can easily get the high-end gold body jewelry.


Gemstone 14kt Gold Tragus Earrings

  • Check out the incredible 14K gold gemstone tragus earrings with the stylish design and colors that are quite admirable in an absolute way.
  • Nothing beats the 14K Gold when compared to the purity as well as stunning good looks of Tragus Earrings as it would be a great chance for increasing the opportunity.
  • They are also available in a large variety of gemstones and styles so that it would be quite suitable for enjoying a massive benefit.
  • Carry a distinctive collection of the luxurious tragus jewelry in the most stylish way.
  • 14kt gold vertical labret piercing has also with Nickel-free 14KT Gold so that it would be quite suitable for enjoying a beautiful look.


Dangle Tragus Earrings

  • Dazzling dangling tragus earrings acts as the perfect option for getting the extra bit of glam and glitz so it would be quite suitable for enjoying the highest benefit.
  • Beautiful piece of tragus jewelry also makes sure that you get a sleek fashion statement.

Micro Setting Jeweled Crown Tragus Piercing

Celebrities are often attributed to set off new fashion trends and Hollywood celebs are clearly have a profound influence on how and what their fans wear and when. So, now tragus piercing is a rage and lots of big names are sporting tragus piercings which have left their fans wanting for more. Tragus piercings were not heard off so much even a couple of years back but now they are quite popular. Some of the hottest celebs in the tinsel town are sporting tragus piercings because they look extremely fashionable and chic. Each of them is sporting their individual style and you can easily follow whoever you want to.
Robyn Rihanna Fenty or more popularly known as simply Rihanna sports a wonderful glittering tragus earring jewelry to suit her style and personality. The fact that she is also a fashion designer contributes considerably to choosing such a rare piercing. Rihanna is considered to be the style icon of this era. She chose a tiny stud for her tragus in which she looks bold, smart, fashionable and beautiful. Scarlett Johansson is another celeb who flaunts a tragus piercing. She has been sporting it since 2005 while changing the jewelry many times over the years. Initially, she sported a captive bead ring which was later replaced by a diamond stud earring on her tragus. Needless to say, she looks breathtakingly gorgeous with that.
Candice Swanepoel, the famous model from South Africa also sports a sexy and gorgeous tragus piercing along with an incredibly sensuous body. With her rags-riches story and her edgy fashion, she has become one of the most successful models for lingerie brands. American singer cum actress Lucy Hale sports a beautiful tragus piercing on her left ear which adds to her petite personality. Pink, Leona Lewis, and Shannon Elizabeth all have their tragus pierced with lovely little pieces.
So, if you too wish to look like your favorite celebrity, buy the micro setting jeweled crown tragus piercing offered by Pierce body. Made from surgical steel, this amazing tragus piercing is shaped in the form of a crown and has micro set jewels sparkling and twinkling all the way. Let the crown grace your tragus- left or right and feel and see the difference in your personality. This is a particularly stylish piercing which has the capacity to transform your personality without really looking too flashy. Rock your look with the tragus crown!

Micro Setting Jeweled Crown Tragus Piercing

PVD Plated Glittering smiley Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is gaining a steady line of followers in the entertainment industry with big names included in the list who have taken to tragus piercing. In various fashion shows and latest films, you can spot stars and models with experimental tragus piercing which is an interesting visual and style statement. To spread this style far and wide Pierce body is continuously adding to their inventory of beautiful, cool and trendy piercing items. One such item is the PVD plated glittering smiley tragus piercing which is made of 316l surgical steel and appears in 3 colors including black. The best part is, of course, the fact that the smiley glitters and spreads happiness.

If you are now thinking about who the celebs are, then follow the post.

Pink has a lovely tragus piercing on her ear to complement her energetic personality which is quite infectious considering the fan following she has. Another celeb seeing sporting a tragus piercing is Hilarie Burton. Hilarie’s style is distinct and she has multiple piercings on her body among which a humble tragus piercing talks volumes about her style and fashion. Sophia Bush is another popular celeb appearing regularly on television reality shows with her piercings. One thing about Sophia is that she matches her clothes with her piercings which looks extremely stylish on screen. Sophia was voted as one of the most beautiful young celebs of 2013.

Penelope Cruz, the stunning and sexy actress from Spain has a petite structure but a touch tragus piercing which enhances her beautiful looks and makes her look sexier on screen. The Hollywood superstar Kate Beckinsale has a strong personality and also sports piercings. She is seen with quite a bold tragus piercing which makes her look trendy and chic and complements her personality quite well.

The pop sensation Britney Spears looked striking in her videos and she made piercings quite popular because teenagers and youngsters of 90s loved her style. Britney sports an expensive $10,000 tragus piercing which made her one of the most popular style icons of all times. Scarlett Johansson, the extremely sexy actress looks smoking hot with her tragus piercing which is only second in terms of price to Britney’s piercing. Scarlett’s piercing cost her $5,000 and is one of the most talked about tragus piercings in the entertainment world.

Last but the least the style icon and pop singer Rihanna who always keeps experimenting with her fashion, looked stunning with her tragus piercing.

PVD Plated Glittering Marijuana Tragus Piercing

Tragus is that part of the ear which is identified by the presence of a cartilage flap on the outside of the ear canal and a piercing of this portion is known as the tragus piercing which has now become quite popular among piercing enthusiasts. It is not considered as an outrageous fashion statement these days. Piercing has become a part of everyday fashion and style now and hence people are more open to experiments regarding piercing. Tragus piercing is slightly more painful than the usual ear piercings because it is quite thick and hence requires little more time to heal. It is wise to visit a piercer for a first time tragus piercing.

When you decide to have your tragus pierced with some kind of beautiful jewelry, take a look at this bright and glittering PVD plated marijuana tragus piercing stud. The stud brought to you by Pierce body has been crafted from 316 surgical steel and has the measurements for snug fit. Available in 3 colors, this amazing item can be worn on a single ear or both ears to make a fashion statement. Glittering and bright the stud earring is visible from afar and you will rock the look at any event or party. In fact, it is quite small in size and is suitable for everyday purpose as well. Piece body brings this lovely marijuana leaf at a competitive price for clients.

The process of ear piercing has become safer with the invention of instruments and also with some professional experience of piercers. Untoward incidents do not really occur anymore while piercing.  Piercers clean the area before piercing to avoid infections and cork is placed within the canal to avoid any harm to the ear canal. Usually, a tragus is pierced using a needle and not a gun. Studs like the marijuana leaf are chosen by lots of people because they look sophisticated as well as functional. Studs are ideal for people who are looking to such stuff to office as well.

If you want your piercing to last long, you must take care of the piercing during its initial phase and also protect it after the initial period of healing is over. Right jewelry along with proper positioning and thorough aftercare routine also goes a long way in making it long lasting. The price range of tragus piercing is usually between $15 and $50 unless you are visiting a celebrity piercer.

PVD Plated Glittering Fox Tragus Piercing

With ear-piercing soaring high on the tide of popularity, novices and experienced piercing enthusiasts are choosing different locations on the ear to flaunt their fashion. Tragus is one such position on the frontal ear to have gained a lot of popularity after the helix to flaunt beautiful pieces of piercing jewelry. In fact, both men and women have taken to tragus piercing very nicely and are adapting their personal styles to suit this particular piercing. With the kind of variety available these days in piercing jewelry, very little is left to the imagination about why tragus piercing has come to be accepted as part of mainstream fashion these days.

This lovely PVD plated fox tragus piercing brought to you by Pierce body is made from 316l surgical steel which is considered to be the most skin-friendly metal for piercings. The item has a mysterious look and feels to it. It almost resembles the masks used by men and women in masquerades to conceal their identity. Of course, this small and cute item won't help you in concealing your true self but it will definitely inspire you to be stylish and fashionable. Gone are the days when piercing was associated with cults and tribes and subcultures. Currently, they are very much a part of global fashion and people are open to experiments now.

You can either wear this fox singularly or as part of a cluster you wish to have on your ears. It is been noticed that fashion conscious women are increasingly opting for cluster piercings with subtle jewelry items. The fox is certainly versatile jewelry which can blend in with the other ear jewelry you are planning to sport. Pierce body brings 3 colors of tragus stud for you to mix and match it with your ensemble.

Tragus piercing is in fact considered to be innovative and adventurous in a degree much more than the helix or earlobe. The tragus piercing is quite unique because it is done on the opposite side of any other piercing performed on the ears. Though it is marginally less adventurous than took, conch or industrial piercing, a pierced tragus also looks quite sexy. A tragus piercing really provides a distinguished look to the wearer. With this fox tragus stud, you will look even more unique because this is a one of a kind piece offered by Pierce body. Enjoy your new look with a fox on your tragus!

Wholesale Surgical Steel Dangling Tragus Piercings

Forget the ordinary and mundane jewelry and take the path less trodden by going for a tragus piercing. Get yourself educated about the do’s and don’ts of the procedure first though. The tragus piercing is made in the cartilage of the ear, right in front of the ear canal. Since the area is rather delicate although not as sensitive as the other parts of your ear due to the presence of fewer nerve endings, the pain felt while the piercing is nominal and you can safely try it without worrying yourself to death. Do insist on a hollow gauge needle instead of the conventional gunshot for making your piercing as the tragus is an unconventional part of your body to pierce and wear a piece of jewelry.
You are not going to have to wait too long for wearing a beautiful piece of tragus jewelry whether in the form of a captive bead ring or a stud through your piercing.  Just give your piercing 6 to 8 weeks of healing time and get ready to sport the most gorgeous dangling tragus piercing jewelry in your ear. The danglers can be fashioned out of various metals including precious metals like gold and silver but it is best to opt for surgical steel as the base material for your tragus danglers if you want to keep infection at bay and revel in your new and exciting look simultaneously. The cute designs that evoke interest among your friends and rivals alike come in a variety of colors and embossing. From quaint shapes like arrowheads, stars or hearts along with offbeat ones like a long feather or funky balls hanging from a chain or barbell inserted into your tragus, your choice happens to be totally unlimited.
Think nothing about the expense either. Be sure to check out the range of quixotic tragus danglers in surgical steel at and prepare to be astounded by the cost-effectiveness of the cute and charming tragus piercing jewelry that dangles from the ear. Buy several together and get them at bargain prices. You are free to choose the gem and crystal studded ones too and the adorable floral motifs in exciting colors that dangle from the soft cartilage in front of the ear canal.
From the traditional to the funky and cool shapes that sway attractively with the slightest movement, the tragus earrings are at the height of fashion once more, having been popularized in the year 2005 for the first time.

Beautiful Black PVD Plated Dangling Tragus Piercings

Get ready to take your style to another level altogether. Opt for a tragus piercing just in front of the ear canal that is the current rage of the hip and happening crowd now. Experienced folks, however, do not have any painful experiences associated with their tragus piercings as the area contains very few nerve endings, a fact that makes it easier for the person piercing it. The tragus piercing can easily be done with the help of a hollow gauge needle commonly utilized for inserting piercing jewelry. The piercing itself can be made in a straight or curved manner irrespective of the kind of jewelry you are going to wear. While captive beads, straight barbells, and plain rings are more popular for tragus piercing, you are welcome to try something uncommon and opt for a dangler that hangs straight down from your pierced tragus.
The attractive, colorful danglers can certainly add an extra edge to your glamour quotient. You can safely look all dressed up by wearing a pair of tragus danglers without actually choosing to wear expensive clothes or being dressed to kill. You can also tone down your look interestingly by wearing a pair of tragus danglers too.
You can definitely go for gold plate curved or silver along with safe materials like bio-flex when you are shopping for tragus danglers. But the best bet is to select the unique and wonderful PVD or physical vapor deposition black coating for your exceptional tragus jewelry meant to show off your ear piercing. The aesthetic value of this jewelry is great no doubt but the safety of the ear danglers that are inserted from the front end of the ear canal is of paramount importance as far as PVD plating is concerned. The coating is actually added to the outer layer of the surgical steel jewelry and does not cause any harmful effects on the skin. Cleaning of the jewelry can be done thoroughly and getting rid of tiny microbes otherwise invisible to the naked is possible via autoclaving or sterilization procedures that can be done on black PVD plated dangling tragus piercing jewelry.
It is important to let the piercing heal itself for about 8 weeks before you try inserting the PVD coated danglers through your tragus piercing though. Cleaning of the ear with water and a mild cleansing solution should also be carried out by rotating the jewelry. Do not forget to look for a flat plate at the back of your danglers, which will help you to put on earphones and wear tragus jewelry at the same time.