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Tongue rings

Tongue Rings

There’s a vast range of jewelries for tongue piercings. There are plain and jeweled barbells, retainers, rings, studs and bars made of surgical steel, titanium, bioflex, bioplast, acrylic, silicon, gold plate and others. Straight barbells are popular in tongue piercings. Standard tongue piercings are done in the center of tongue.

The Final Word on Tongue Piercings: Designer Barbells & Rings

If you love body jewelry, if piercings are on your mind, there is perhaps one slightly unconventional option you need to consider—Tongue Piercings. This is the final word on body piercing jewelry and its core offerings include Tongue Barbells and Tongue Rings. There is nothing more impressive than a well-executed Tongue Ring, albeit the design too has been chosen with care. We are body piercing jewelry experts and find that there is a lot of misinformation about Tongue Piercings. We will help you explore, understand and make an educated decision about Tongue Rings.

Why Tongue Rings?

This is the best, interpreted as extreme, but very expressive way to underline your individuality. Associated with rock stars and those who choose not to follow the norms, Tongue Rings are oceans apart from regular fashion jewelry. Piercebody.com too likes to pursue body jewelry that is different from the conventional. This is why this collection is being continuously upgraded with never-done-before designs. We offer the most modern piercing jewelry, designed in a way that the piercing experience is minimally discomforting. However, the use of premium materials in our range of Tongue Rings ensures no risk of infections or unwarranted reactions with acidic foods. Tongue Piercings are considered a high-impact exercise. You can choose from miniscule-sized tongue studs or bigger Tongue Rings—we have the stock to satiate your piercing jewelry demands!

Tongue Rings by Piercebody: Delivering Ingenuity & Affordability

  1. Barbells are perhaps the bestsellers in this collection
  2. Our tongue rings are offered in classic styles and the more daring designs
  3. Tongue piercings are made from top-quality Stainless Steel, Titanium, UV and Anodized metals—means safety of piercings in the long term and neutralizing chances of infection
  4. Our collection is crafted with high-grade materials—we ensure this without raising the pricing. In fact, our Tongue Rings are available at the best online prices
  5. Expect more animated designs as we add more options to our current list of acrylic and flashing Tongue Rings
  6. From gothic to graphical and logo-themed, from UV and acrylics to gemstone studded, we have numerous Tongue Piercing options ready for you

Dump the Wannabes: Buy Tongue Rings from Body Piercing Specialists

Piercebody.com is the biggest online platform selling body piercings of all types, offering modern and conventional designs. While new entrants and other online brands are still struggling to ensure the pricing is controlled without compromising the creativity, we have created the perfect designing, production, warehousing and retail platform that ensures the pricing is kept way below the market average. Most online stores in this segment don't have the type of expertise we have in fashion jewelry. From piercing aficionados to body jewelry scouters, we have an industrious team in place to ensure that you are buying from body piercing experts.

  1. We are always adding more cutting-edge designs
  2. Our collection is always brimming with heavily trending piercing jewelry
  3. All our products come at affordable, industry-best prices
  4. We are equally active on the wholesale platform
  5. We vouch for our authenticity of materials
  6. We follow global benchmarks for ensuring purity of materials used  
  7. We have an on-premise quality inspection process for all products
  8. Our 7-day Return Policy promises a hassle-free buying experience
  9. Our website gives you comprehensive information about all items—no information is concealed

While some folks will continue to preach the dangers of Tongue Piercings, the fact is that this type of body piercing is safe and high on glamor. The problem lies in the use of sub-par materials. We take the onus of offering you Tongue Rings made from premium, fully sterile materials. From plain to majestic barbells, browse our range of Tongue Rings to identify your favorite…