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Nose Piercing

Nose Rings

Are you looking for a new piece of jewelry that will catch the eye without being too alternative? Are you looking to adorn an elegant face with delicate features, or perhaps you want something that will reflect an edgy and exciting personality? Either way, nose jewelry is a highly popular option and we have a vast range of styles and nose ring jewelry types to match the look you’re going for.

The practice of nose piercing has been around for thousands of years but rose to popularity in the West during the 70s and 80s thanks to the punk movement. Today, nose piercing can still be seen as a statement of a free-thinking mindset, but the look has also been adopted by the mainstream thanks to its attractive appearance and widespread use.

Simply put, nose piercings can look great and many women find it’s an excellent way to add a little sparkle to their face. Men too are getting in on the act though, whether they’re looking for a cool stud to match a cool attitude, or they want something a little more striking and aggressive such as a septum bar. While it’s more common today, nose piercings are still much rarer than ear piercings which ensures they’ll always stand out and catch the eye. Nevertheless, they’re generally suitable for work and don’t have the negative connotations of some other types of piercing.

Types of Nose Piercing
There are actually a number of different options for nose piercings. A piercing in the nostril for instance will have a more subtle appearance and is less painful and risky than a septum piercing. In India and other cultures, women will often pierce the left nostril according to tradition and this is an attractive look that many other women across the world have adopted. Piercings in India are regarded as a mark of beauty and social standing – and it’s easy to see why! Consider a subtle stud, or perhaps a small gemstone that will twinkle when it catches the light if you want to create an elegant effect. For men, something a little larger, or perhaps in a brighter color can have the desired effect.

Septum piercings meanwhile are a little rarer compared with nostril piercings, which is part of the appeal for many. The septum of course is the cartilaginous divide between the two nostrils and is prime real estate for a nose ring. Again, this is a look that has cultural roots – being popular among South Indian dancers, Native Americans and Southern Nepal to name just a few regions. These piercings often have an aggressive, tribal appearance and can be quite painful making them a mark of the brave and bold statement. That said, they can also be attractive and classy in their own right, depending on the type of jewelry chosen. Other options for jewelry worn through the septum include septum retainers and bars and you’ll find a wide variety of each on this site. Each has a different visual impact and will suit a particular style.
Finally, for the truly adventurous, it’s also possible to have the bridge of the nose pierced. Jewelry worn here most often includes curved barbells and straight barbells and can be used as an anarchic statement, or a beautiful way to draw attention to the eyes. Again, it all depends on the look you’re going for! A small stud on either side of the nose, or a brightly colored stone can really offset the eyes and be quite mesmerizing.

Tips and Pointers
When choosing your nose piercing, there are a few important considerations to take into account. Note that there are some risks associated with septum piercings. Although it is not normally the cartilage itself that is pierced (but rather a thin strip of very flexible skin), this can occasionally lead to a condition known as septal hematoma which causes an accumulation of blood and fluid beneath the lining. This can sometimes lead to nasal congestion that might interfere with normal breathing. This can be avoided by using a professional to carry out the piercing.When choosing any jewelry for piercings, it is important to consider the material being used. Make sure that you don’t have any reactions or allergies to these metals before putting them in.

At Piercebody.com, we make sure that all our jewelry will be safe and comfortable to wear for daily use. All materials are chosen for their safety and because they are gentle and kind even to sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic metals are unlikely to cause reactions and are sure to look the part. We also have jewelry made from bio flex and other materials.  All our jewelry is designed to be smooth and durable ensuring that it can be worn daily without irritation.
Another important tip when choosing nose jewelry is to ensure that you get the right size. Simply refer to our handy chart to find the size you need and you can be sure that it will be the perfect fit and make just the right kind of impression.|

Don’t be shy to experiment with different styles and looks. You might surprise yourself with what works and it’s a brilliant way to mix up your appearance and to offset your other jewelry. For those who are squeamish of septum piercings but want to try out the look, we have a number of fake items that you can use to accomplish the same look risk-free.

Why Choose Piercebody?
Shoppers from around the world choose Piercebody.com thanks to our vast selection of items at market price. We cater to all tastes and all looks and have jewelry suitable for all kinds of shoppers. Whether you’re looking for titanium nose studs or exotic septum rings, you’ll find something here that will grab your eye.
We offer free shipping on items over $25 for retail customers and for wholesale orders of $500 or more. We make it our mission to ensure your shopping experience goes smoothly and have created a simple and easy interface to facilitate this. Piercebody.com is well known in the industry for stellar customer service and we’re more than happy to answer any other questions that you might have.For the best selection of items, the highest quality products and the best customer service in the business, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the oldest from of body piercings, nose piercings are quite common around the world and to suit every one’s taste, we offer nose jewelery made from steel, gold, silver, titanium, bio-flex, etc.