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Lip Piercings

Lip Rings

If you’re keen on enhancing the beauty of your lips, opt for lip piercing. In this piercing, the lip or the area surrounding the lips is pierced. Proper care of the pierced area is necessary for speedy healing. Circular Barbell Lip Ring, Labret Studs, Captive Bead Rings, Monroe Studs are popular lip piercing jewelries. At this place, you will get a wide range of all types of body piercing jewelry.

Best in Lip Piercing Jewelry—Pin a Style Statement

Lip piercings are both fun and interesting. Lip studs or labrets create a simple addition to accent your lips. Our lip piercing jewelry in the retail collection ranges from the must-have surgical steel line to the funky UV labret studs to the high-tech BioFlex piercings. Our lip jewelry line is crafted from the finest materials including, nickel-free G23 titanium, 316L surgical grade stainless steel, UV acrylics and Hygienic BioFlex—all guaranteed to look great after years of usage.  

  1. Steel Lip Piercings: Our collection of surgical steel lip piercings is perhaps the most comfortable jewelry you can wear in your Madonna/Monroe piercing. All the items in this collection are made with pure Surgical Stainless Steel and are tested for safety. They do not cause any damage to your mouth. Our steel lip piercings are available in a huge choice of styles and sizes. Internal threaded Madonna labrets, Flat back labrets, jeweled labrets, Micro setting jeweled labrets are amongst our best-selling pieces. 
  2. Titanium Lip Piercings: Titanium lip piercing jewelry is light, safe and makes for a great piece for fresh piercings. One great thing about titanium lip jewelry is that it comes in a variety of colors and looks highly polished. Our labret collection is made of Grade 23 solid titanium which includes perfect labret accessories including labrets with cones and balls.
  3. UV Lip Piercings:  UV Piercings are creating a buzz in the market. They light up your look with the splendidly bright colors. UV labrets are perfect for daily wear but they look amazing when you go for clubbing in the UV lights. Our UV labret collection is made of safe, flexible UV acrylics and is suitable to wear in fresh piercings. We offer a great selection of different colors and styles to choose from including
  4. BioFlex Lip Jewelry: We are big BioFlex jewelry fans. BioFlex is a modern biocompatible plastic which is bendy, durable and comfortable to wear. A great thing about BioFlex jewelry is that wearing it can reduce many risks associated with your piercing – including healing and tooth damage. BioFlex labrets have the added advantage that it comes in lots of different colors and styles including dice labrets, jeweled labrets, transparent labrets and labrets with logos— so they just feel good and look good.

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No matter which type of lip piercing you fancy, we offer a wide range of choices to suit any type.  Shop outside the big box, with our exclusive collections in hundreds of designs.