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Ear Piercings

Ear Piercing

Ear-piercings and fake plugs are the most common type of body jewelry. Piercebody offers an extensive range of ear jewelry, from earrings to barbells and ear stretchers, in fashion-forward designs and safe materials.

Ear Piercings— All-time Favorite Accessories 

Our earring collection offers you the newest look! We’ve recently updated our inventory with new styles and colors in ear piercing jewelry to choose from. We’ve a wide range of options that will give your ear piercing collection a new zest. 

Why buy Ear Piercing Jewelry from us?

  1. World of designs: Our ear-piercing jewelry has an uncanny ability to draw attention. Our ear piercings include anodized ear piercings, gold and silver earrings, silicon ear plugs and UV piercings. We have a myriad of designs that make you look funky, classy and elegant. 
  2. Classic pieces: Our 14k gold earrings are 925 sterling silver earrings are the classiest options. They are just perfect for special occasions and updos.  
  3. Environment-friendly options: As we become more ecologically conscious, we have started adding nature-friendly jewelry to our inventory.  Our organic ear piercing jewelry is made of wood and PVD— these are healthier options for stretched piercings. These types of ear piercing collections can be re-polished with organic oils and driven into other jewelry, adding to their sustainability.
  4. Foolproof: Our ear piercing jewelry line is completely classy and matches with the current trends. We have a number of styles so that you have numerous options for each occasion—you can dress them for a party night or wear them while you wish to for a coffee date.
  5. Unique Designs: Our design team has revolutionized the classic designs with their expertise to make each piece a symbol of perfection.     

Why Piercebody.com is the preferred shopping destination for body piercing jewelry?

Piercebody.com offers an incomparable level of service. We have been in the business for over a decade now and we’ve been bringing our customers pleasure of discovering body jewelry at a great platform. Our aim is threefold: to simplify the online shopping experience, being observant towards our customer’s demands, and present our jewelry in the best possible way while providing it at lowest possible retail prices.    

  1. High-grade Quality: We use pure, natural and conflict-free resources of the highest quality. Our in-house design team comprises of dependable and efficient artists that make every piece of jewelry with precision.
  2. Free Shipping: Piercebody.com offers secure shipping on the orders and also offers free shipping on all the qualified orders that value more than $500. 
  3. Online Returns: We have a 7-day return policy and 30-day money back guarantee providing our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee.  
  4. Great Packaging: All our jewelry products come in an organized, elegant packaging so that no wear tear occurs while the orders are in the course of shipping.
  5. Financing Options: Our payment options are quite flexible. We accept all the payments methods required for successful online ecommerce network including Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, Western Union and bank wire transfers.
  6. Product Warranty: We stand behind the quality of our products. All of our jewelry collections are recognized by the international level accreditations certifying that you are paying for genuine merchandise. 

Express yourself with our large collection of ear piercing jewelry. We’ve got a unique and colorful variety of ear jewelry offering you the type of look you want—wild, rocking, funky or elegant. Check out our sassy and classy ear piercing jewelry.