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Body Piercings

Decorate your body like a piece of art with a wide choice of piercing body jewelry available at our online store. We offer all the latest trendy and fashionable jewelry for nose, belly, ears, nipples, lips, eyebrows, tongue and fingers.

Be Beautiful with Body Piercings

If you believe your body is a canvas, you have come to the right place—we are body piercing fanatics. Our approach to body piercings is more artistic, less commercial and more soulful. Yes, our inventories are expanding but this is essentially due to our creative team at work that continues to churn out masterpieces, some outright mainstream designs and others with an undertone for the unfamiliar. This is the perfect platform if you want to wrap your body in the most unique form of expression—body piercings.

Each piercing is symbolic; it represents something more than just being fashionable jewelry. We understand that piercing lifestyle is transformational. This is why our team of piercing specialists continues to search for new, better creations with an emphasis on unexplored themes and ideas that have not been crafted yet. The best part about wearing fashionable body piercing is that it does not require long-term care.

Once pierced perfectly, it adds a more dramatic touch to your persona. This is why we never cease to surprise you with fresh creations, body piercings that can be worn as body jewelry ensemble or used to complete the look, complete with tattoos and other piercings. From belly-button piercings to those for the eyebrow, ear, lip, nose, finger and tongue – we cater to the entire piercing landscape. Explore animated and mystical body piercings where each finely crafted piece means making your everyday life a more lovable affair.

Piercing Jewelry without Barriers

Piercebody provides an online hub, the perfect platform where all body piercings converge. This includes options for those who are susceptible to irritation or allergies due to the use of metals. We have undertaken a safer approach, using only the best, most useful materials for body piercings. This includes surgical-grade steel posts and surface treated titanium that are anti-allergic.

Each body piercing is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on sustaining originality, durability and affordability

The use of these premium body piercing materials does not limit the array of decorative options that can be crafted by our in-house team of piercing experts. While the fashion industry moves towards a more accessory-heavy era, we are inclined towards creating body piercings that reflect different lifestyle perspectives. Expect our designing team to cater to every contemporary trend in this segment. From first-time body piercing buyers to those curious about the piercing lifestyle—we are open to every body piercing requirement.

  1. Invariably, we serve seasoned piercing users in the most holistic manner. The same applies to our pricing approach—from budgeted to premium creations, this is where all piercings converge, creating a list of options for you to explore. Our body piercing solutions address many issues like:
  1. People overwhelmed by wearing conventional jewelry—explore a new way to wear jewelry, as a part of you, your body
  2. Feeling restricted by permanent piercings—view our easy to replace options, helping you sport different piercing designs
  3. Unsure about quality of materials used—high-grade materials are a policy at Piercebody.com where our products meet the global standards for quality in this niche

At Piercebody, you are buying the best in body piercings at unbelievable prices. You should feel assured about the use of environmentally-friendly practices apart from special discounts. Expect a systematic, easy-to-browse collection where creativity is easily visible in finger rings, bracelets, earrings, nose pins, and belly rings…