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We have got the best deals on sale here just for you. You can choose from our bulk jewelry range of BCR, labrets, studs, barbells, belly rings with different shapes, styles and totally safe materials like 316L SS, titanium, anodized and others with UV material that glows in the dark.

Mega Discounts Available on Bulk Orders  

Traditional body jewelry like earrings, finger rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces continue to be common. But now, new body jewelry trends are also gaining ground. Belly rings, barbells, labrets, nipple rings, navel rings, talons and earlets are among the most popular body piercing jewelry. A myriad of body jewelry options available in the market offers a prospect for those interested in buying wholesale body jewelry in bulk.   

Piercebody is a leading name in the niche of contemporary body piercing jewelry. We offer finest jewelry products at best prices so that you need not to waste any more time in searching something that not only suit your requirement but also come with in your budget.      

What do we offer?

  1. Labrets to make your lips sexier:We offer a wide selection of labret studs to choose. Our labret studs collection is of great value, so you can always afford to transform your look.
  2. Earrings and Ear Studs to keep your look classy: All our earrings and ear studs are made from high quality 316L surgical steel. They are finely finished, ensure high-quality and are very comfortable to wear.
  3. Belly rings to keep your belly button fashionable: Our collection of belly rings is not only stylish but is also completely safe as the material we use is absolutely nickel-free. You can choose from a wide variety available with us including UV belly rings, steel belly button rings and more and make your belly button look as stylish or as subtle as you wish!  
  4. Versatile Barbells: Trendy and comfortable to wear, our barbell collections are made with surgical steel 316L and high-grade titanium, making them ideal for fresh piercings and people prone to metal allergies. We have a collection of stunning barbells that is perfect to find a space in your body jewelry repertoire.     

What makes us the best in body jewelry?

  1. We, at Piercebody.com promise fast and on-time delivery. We dispatch the goods as soon as the payments are confirmed. We offer the best prices and assure the best quality products.
  2. We completely understand your jewelry requirements; hence we offer the most fashionable in body piercing products by keeping a check on what is new and trending. 
  3. We use premium materials in jewelry crafting, ensuring they serve our customers for long and do not corrode or lose luster.
  4. Our jewelry is safe and does not cause skin allergies. All our jewelry products carry trusted certifications from the authorized organizations.  

With our efficient in-house design team which pays keen attention to designing, each of our products is a true example of perfection. With progressive upgrading, we are combining classical designs with contemporary technology. This has helped us to make our inventory more appealing with more discounts throughout the year and the promise of an ever-ready inventory for bulk purchases.