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Nose Studs

All nose pins or studs under this category is from 925 Sterling silver either with gem or without gem. 40 pcs of different Designed Nose pins arranged in a clear plastic cushion box. Mix colors are available.

Rock the Piercing Lifestyle with Nose Studs

Nose Studs are perhaps the most adored option in the niche of nose jewelry. These studs are easy to pierce, causing the least damage to skin/tissues. They also have a rich heritage, a historical past where the use of Nose Studs has been well documented. Nose piercing jewelry has been re-invented by our creative team. You will find Nose Stud designs that have never been done before. Nose piercings are a staple choice among the piercing community and they prefer Nose Studs in different colors and finishing options, including the use of colored stones. Our piercing jewelry repertoire has been growing steadily. Thanks to the creative minds at work, Piercebody.com has been engaging a lot of online queries and daily shipment orders for its vast range of piercing jewelry like Nose Studs. Explore this section to uncover Nose Studs exclusive to our online store. Expect Nose Studs in super-fine gauges that are a great alternative for bulky rings. We have been adding more to our range of piercing jewelry that combines style with practicality. Nose studs are the perfect example of this. From the workplace to party destinations, you can wear our range of designer Nose Studs. You can choose from fashionable and slightly tamed down versions of nasal piercings for a casual or party look. We vouch for the durability and flawless finishing of these Nose Studs—now available at the best online prices!

What makes us the nose piercing jewelry specialists?

  1. For starters, our designing team believes in doing things differently, being unconventional but in a productive manner
  2. You get Nose Studs with flat-back on one side and a stud on the ornamented surface—the ideal way to use nasal piercings to complement your attire
  3. Our nose studs come with flat-backing which means you can carry multiple piercings on the nose without complicating the manner in which piercings are held
  4. Our Nose Studs come in a variety of shapes, ranging from tiny jeweled studs to clear nose studs and painted nose studs
  5. For the more sober minded, we recommend the Straight Single Jeweled Studs where the colors are tamed and the overall design is not too eccentric
  6. Gemstones in Nose Studs are glued using the best of adhesives in the market
  7. We have beautiful Nose Studs made of 925 Sterling Silver—considered the benchmark in the niche of fashion jewelry. It is durable and comes with a lustrous exterior
  8. You can also choose from a wide range of push-in Nose Studs available in different lengths and gauges—making them perfect for all piercing requirements!

Why Piercebody is an exciting proposition for Designer Nose Jewelry?

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of fashion jewelry, using a unique approach that blends hand-crafted products and a digitally progressive platform. As a result, our range of Nose Studs jewelry is designed to perfection. The final product is blemish-free, ready to be worn as a part of your wardrobe ensemble. Yes, we also use more precious metals, including gold and titanium. The pricing is still the best in this segment, thanks to our unique manufacturing and retailing setup that comes without any third-party interference. This helps us to deliver Nose Studs that look like high-street, boutique purchases but are actually modestly priced.

Express your personal style with a choice of Nose Studs available in this collection. We continue to innovate, adding more vibrant designs. Feel assured about timely delivery and the promise of the best online prices on nose piercing jewelry…