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UV Piercing


Splash tons of colors to your body piercings by adorning them with UV-piercings. These piercing jewelry items glow under the UV light and are available in many forms, designs and colors.

All that Glows: UV Body Piercing Jewelry

A new generation of acrylics is being increasingly used in crafting the body piercing jewelry.  In the air of hottest fashion trends, it’s easy to spot the intriguing funky tiny gold jewelry. UV body jewelry glows under UV light, giving you a truly stunning look. It has become so popular in the modern world and people are seen wearing this jewelry for clubbing and rave parties. UV body piercing jewelry makes for the season’s best look. One best thing about UV jewelry is that it comes in both minimalist and maximalist designs to please every taste in jewelry.

As Piercebody has always been in synch with the latest jewelry trends, we offer the ultimate in UV body jewelry at industry-best prices. Our Ultra Violet (UV) body piercing jewelry does not wear away. We use the best acrylic material in the making—PMMA, Hygienic Flexi and UV Acrylic. These materials are threaded well together, thus providing a solid and stunning product.

What makes UV Body Piercing Jewelry so special?  

  1. Anecdotal evidences show that the human body accepts jewelry made with UV acrylics exceptionally well.    
  2. Our UV jewelry collection made of acrylics is biocompatible, durable and does not skin irritations.
  3. Our UV jewellery is very lightweight and flexible. It does not put stress on your piercings.  
  4. UV Barbells: Our UV Barbells are made with finest quality acrylics and make for perfect choices for all your piercings. These are flexible, lightweight, do not pull your gauge down and look great.  
  5. UV Threaded Balls: Our UV threaded balls are perfect accessories to be worn when you wish to go clubbing. You can even use them to add color to your existing jewelry. 

What makes us Body Jewelry Specialists?

Piercebody.com is a body jewelry designer and retailer who bring the trendiest and latest styles in this ever-changing landscape of jewelry market. Our dedicated in-house design team and customer service personnel are committed to making your jewelry shopping experience smooth, safe and clutter-free. We assure you that our background of over a decade as a body jewelry company will certainly set us apart from the rest.            

As a leader in body jewelry industry, we endeavor to offer fascinating jewelry for all men and women. We are dedicated in providing our customers with the best possible service and reply to their queries in real-time. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most affordable prices and remarkable quality on all our merchandise.   

We, at Pierecebody.com continue to expand our body jewelry platform. We make certain that our buyers get the cutting-edge styles making them fit to wear at any occasion.

We make every effort to please our customers. We offer minimum shipping charges along with special and seasonal discounts; 7 days return policy and 30 days money back guarantee with 100% satisfaction guarantee.       

If you’re on a budget and looking for a unique jewelry, you can't beat our retail prices. Add some glow to your jewelry repertoire with our UV body piercing jewelry collection.