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Steel and UV Piercing

UV Steel

Steel and UV-piercings are made from a combination of two of the best piercing materials. Steel bars have colorful balls and cones at their ends, accompanied by playful logos and graphics.

Piercebody Steel & UV Piercing: Urbane and Jazzy

Body piercing is a widely accepted form of self-expression! Everybody loves freedom and wants to be creative at some point. Today, many teenagers and adults head towards body piercing shop to enhance their looks and accentuate their style but end up compromising on the hygiene. The market is full of such misleading options. Taking into consideration the sterility and health issues involved in body piercing, Piercebody.com offers the benefit of selecting from the widest range of exclusive piercing jewelry at best online prices. The most popular among these accessories is the colorful steel and UV piercing jewelry. At Piercebody.com, we offer collection of skin-friendly fashionable piercings in bright colors and unique designs.

Count on Piercebody Steel & UV piercing for safety

Steel & UV piercing jewelry is widely acknowledged for its suitability. These types of body jewelry are popular due to their glowing effect. Our collection of UV piercing jewelry is crafted with high-grade PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate), which is chemically inert and bio-compatible.

Another advantage is that UV & Steel piercings are light-weight and comfy to wear. They are highly flexible- ideal for highly mobile piercings like lip piercings and tongue piercings. We offer an eye-catching collection of UV and Steel piercings that come in multicolor options which look great and suit every taste.   

Piercebody is a Leader in Body Jewelry Industry

We have the best pricing policies in the entire body-piercing jewelry industry.  Piercebody delivers finest body piercing jewelry followed by ethical procurement, manufacturing and packaging practices. Expect better deals on repeat wholesale orders!

 We adhere to the most stringent policies:

  1. We provide exclusive deals on internationally relevant body piercing jewelry
  2. All sales items are systematically tested for superior quality– Anything flawed is discarded right away!
  3. All our jewelry products carry trusted certifications from recognized authorities assuring you of 100% authentic products
  4. Our products are also available in the ready-to-ship, bulk order format
  5. On our website, you will find all the relevant information pertaining to the materials used, weights and sizes of individual products

Piercebody is a professionally managed, fully owned procurement, manufacturing and selling platform that eliminates third party interference, ensuring the prices are never inflated.