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Steel Body Jewelry

Stianless Steel

Steel body jewelry is made from the same 316L surgical steel that is used in manufacture of surgical tools and accessories. They are completely safe for the body and are available many forms and designs.

Surgical Steel: A Popular Option for Body Jewelry

These days, surgical steel has become an increasingly popular choice as a body piercing jewelry metal. Our body jewelry is made of premium grade surgical steel which is hypoallergenic and because of its non-reactive anodized surface. Its scratch resistance property helps to mold beautifully brushed products with smooth finishes which is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. Our steel body jewelry offers durability of material and affordability of price to the customers.  

Why is Our Surgical Steel Jewelry the Best?

  1. Resistance to Tarnish: Jewelry which does not require any maintenance or polish is the best kind for those who prefer low maintenance body jewelry for piercing.  Our surgical steel piercing jewelry does not require regular polishing or tarnish removal. The vast collection of jewelry hosted on our site will appear to be new-looking even after months of wearing or keeping it stored in the jewelry box.
  2. Versatility: Surgical steel can be easily molded in a variety of shapes and designs and combined with stones and other materials to make into interesting styles and new designs. There is something for everybody in the huge inventory of steel jewelry we have on our website.
  3. Excellent Durability: Our surgical steel jewelry offers durability. It is sturdy enough to withstand years of use and/or storage. The best feature is its excellent functionality which allows you to use it on daily basis or change it frequently to suit your outfit. Surgical steel is not only a tough alloy that can handle a lot of wear and tear.

Why Choose Piercebody.com for Designer Body Piercing Jewelry?

Piercebody.com is a foremost online body piercing jewelry destination which provides fine jewelry with striking and trending designs at market-best rates. We wish to transform the body jewelry niche and this objective compels our talented designers to come up with creative and socially inspired designs for our collection.

  1. Expect only High-Grade Quality: Our professional team of effective and trustworthy craftsmen works hard to make each piece with precision from finest grade 316L surgical steel which is properly tested before being made into body jewelry. Our procurement process has an organic aura where we follow ethical, business practices. Networking with leading jewelry material suppliers over a decade has helped us cultivate a conflict-free production platform.
  2. Efficient and Consumer-Friendly Service: We tend to surpass the shopper's expectations when it comes to extending friendly customer support before and after sales. Expect a pleasant online shopping experience with quick shipping and an easy return policy over all purchases. Our devoted customer service team is always active to solve all your queries and help you find the perfect piece of jewelry if you happen to be confused or know little about the industry.   

We methodically track current jewelry trends and consumer feedback to curate our list of steel body jewelry and other designer piercing options. Using a versatile business model, we deliver a huge range of body piercing jewelry at extremely discounted prices, also available for wholesale and bulk orders.