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Silver Piercing


Silver piercings lend a glamorous look when worn in any form. They are available in many options including earrings, belly bar rings, nose pins, barbells, pendants, finger rings and curved barbells.

Bling it Perfectly with Silver Body Piercings

In the fashion-forward world, your style is almost like personal branding. This has become a bit of conundrum for some folks. They tend to deviate towards a single-minded strategy and restrict their creative liberty. It has become important that you complement your outfit with accessories that have a blended, more acceptable appeal. Sliver Body Piercings fit this bill to perfection. We, at Piercebody.com, are driven by love for body jewelry, especially when it comes to pierced ornaments with that glossy finishing associated with premium quality silver. To ensure you get all the sliver piercing options at a single platform, we have revamped this section with popular, emerging, abstract and somewhat unpredictable designs, giving you enough options to make a better choice. Sterling Silver Jewelry remains at the core of our piercing options—loved by our creative team and our long-term patrons.

Why choose Piercebody for Silver Body Piercings?

  1. We maintain the purity of silver - this means better aesthetical and skin-compatibility advantages
  2. Our silver has the type of robustness associated with steel - you get the perfect blend of durability and freedom to craft designs
  3. Sliver sparkles like no other metal – when combined with crystals in different colors, the result is perfect
  4. Our Sterling Silver Jewelry collection is at par with the global standards for this metal - explore crystal studded nose pins, spinal crystal held silver jewelry
  5. Silver piercings are perhaps the easiest to be used as complementary jewelry for different wardrobe choices
  6. Our belly button jewelry collection is high on the elegance, feminine aura
  7. Explore silver piercing designs in different shapes, including Flower, Heart, Peacock, Crown, Dolphin, Fruits and many other options
  8. Bestsellers in this segment include Sterling Silver 925 Pendants and Barbells

Our silver piercings are 100% nickel-free and don't cause any allergic reactions. Expect a variety of shapes—round, square, heart and a rainbow-like choice of colors: Aqua Blue, Rose Red, Black Diamond, Purple and Turquoise.

How Piercebody.com differs from its competitors? 

At Piercebody.com, we understand what it is to be fanatical about jewelry. We know how the consumers feel when they finally get their desired jewelry—that feeling of accomplishment has no alternatives. We celebrate the creative adventures associated with jewelry designing. Piercebody has been creating exquisite body jewelry pieces for more than a decade now while gradually growing its business as it continues to get more patrons for its prized collections like Silver Piercings. You get more than 19,000 unique designs in different, smartly listed categories. Our wide range of silver rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets and nose-pins guarantee that you will never feel short on options in this segment!

We offer the biggest range of fashionable 925 Sterling Silver jewelry that is gorgeous aesthetically and at par with steel in terms of durability. You get the assurance of only handpicked, unique creations making it to this collection. This is why we continuously groom this space with better, more contemporary designs…