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Piercing Jewelry Material

Body piercings should be carefully manufactured to ensure they do not harm the wearer’s skin in any way. This is why we offer body jewelry made from top-quality steel, anodized, bio-flex, gold, Pyrex, silicone, silver titanium and UV material.

Explore the World Wide Web of Jewelry Materials

Just like most lifestyle and fashion accessories, body piercings too come in different variations. For the uninitiated, we are primarily referring to the type of material used—this is the most critical aspect in the overall appeal and performance of a body piercing. Fashion jewelry is a material-focused niche. The prices can fluctuate and customer expectations can be very volatile based upon the type of material used. Even today, the world of body piercing shopping provides little clarity about the type of materials used. Yes, the primary material used is shared in the product description but its relevance is seldom explained. We have taken the onus of creating the biggest online hub of different type of body piercing jewelry materials. You can order in small or bulk quantities. Either ways, you get the assurance of quality. The purity of materials at work is tested by using international parameters. From a user perspective, understanding the qualities of different jewelry materials has a bigger impact because it affects things like skin sensitivity, likelihood of allergies, maintenance requirements and the overall durability.

Explore the Most Common Piercing Jewelry Materials

This insight should help you understand your body piercing choice a lot clearly. Even more importantly, you will be able to understand the fairness of pricing in a marketplace saturated with substandard products. Come aboard and explore the biggest assortment of fashion jewelry materials, listed systematically for your reading and understanding pleasure:

1. Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel has been trending hot due to its affordability, chemically inertness, high bio-compatibility and inherent immunity against moisture and microbes. Regarded as the best choice that money can buy, particularly for new piercings, it is the ideal choice for those with a history of skin irritations. Chances of piercing-related infections are negligible with surgical-grade steel. Immense strength comes with the liberty of designing the body piercing with this type of steel. We have always insisted on premium, surgical-grade and 316 Stainless Steel over cheaper alternatives that might look similar but don't perform as well in the longer run.

2. Titanium

Titanium is a lightweight metal but it comes with amazing strength. An emerging choice for folks who want their fashion jewelry to sustain its gleam for a longer time, it is also recommended for people with sensitive skin. People who are not comfortable wearing heavy jewelry or want to accessorize minimally should opt for titanium body piercings. It is as lustrous as platinum or gold but a bit more affordable. Some online stores have often highlighted titanium body jewelry as the perfect wedding jewelry option since it offers a lifetime of stability even after extended usage.

3. 925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver is counted among the more affordable and skin-friendly metals. For us, any silver body piercing should be made with this grade of silver. Hypoallergic, easy to maintain, non-corrosive, and with anti-allergic properties, it is the safest material for people who are interested in new piercings. We have a huge collection of body piercings, for nearly every body part, made in the purest form of 925 Sterling Silver.

4. Gold

Needless to explain, the most treasured jewelry material option, gold will remain the eternal favorite. Sometimes called a vintage or retro material with classic appeal, it is a global favorite but affordability can be an issue. Gold has always been a standard for bridal jewelry. Now, it has transcended the realm of fashion jewelry and body piercings. The warm, yellow hues and beautiful luster are absolute attention-grabbers. Our inventory of gold body jewelry blends contemporary and classical designs. The prices are perhaps the best in the market today but keep a close watch as its procurement costs are slightly volatile.

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We use 100% sterile, premium materials and never compromise on quality. Expect frequent additions to our inventory, dedicated workmanship, exclusive designs and absolute safety of online transactions. You can order different types of body piercing jewelry at retail prices.