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Straight Barbells Piercing

Straight Barbell

Straight barbells as body jewelry are stylish and popular in body piercing. It has a straight bar with bead on each end. Both beads are unscrewable for easy removal or changing of beads. These barbells come in a variety of materials, colors, gauges and lengths.

Nothing Gets More Versatile than Straight Barbells in Body Jewelry Options

Scout the world of body piercings and soon you will realize that in terms of sheer popularity, Straight Barbells have no competition. There is something uncanny about the versatility of this piercing option. We have a team of trend-spotters, who are always on the lookout for the best and the latest designs in body piercing that blend safety and innovation to perfection. This is why body piercing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Piercebody.com—the most renowned global brand in this segment. We just don’t sell standard barbell designs. We are creators at work; doers who want to do something apart from the clutter of predictable piercings. This is why there is a surge in queries, from piercing lifestyle loyalists, who want to know more about the creative journey behind each Straight Barbell. They are curious about who can reinvent something that seems to standard.  

Expect spiral designs, barbells with colored gems, barbells with shapes of heart, stars, flowers and much more when shopping for Straight Barbells at Piercebody. Please note that our collection of Straight Barbells is being continuously updated. Some of the designs are unique and might not be repeated. Some are bestsellers and happen to be available throughout the year. Our skilled craftsmen have the creative liberty to design piercing jewelry with precision and their own interpretation of piercing sensibility. Our vast range of Straight Barbells consists of steel straight barbells, anodized straight barbell, silver barbell piercing, titanium straight barbells, UV straight barbells and steel twisted barbells. Available in various designs and sizes, our collection is perfect to meet your body piercing jewelry needs at the most humble prices.

  1. Steel barbells: Our steel straight barbells collection helps to make a style statement without being too loud or blingy. These barbells are the perfect and the safest option for navel, tongue, nipple and any other piercing. The luster of high-grade steel is just about perfect. This is not an in-your-face kind of piercing option. Resistant to corrosion and now available in a wider array of sizes and gauges, Straight Barbells happen to be among our fastest moving inventory items.
  2. Anodized Straight Barbells: Available in a variety of colors, apart from large and tiny sizes, our collection of Anodized Straight Barbells has been rather well appreciated by the piercing community. The anodized treatment makes these Straight Barbells a more durable and safer option. You get the assurance of perfectly fitting piercings that don't react to moisture or other, commonly found chemical vapors in our environment.
  3. Silver Barbells: When you want to make your presence felt, when glamor is high on your priority list, don't look any further than Straight Barbells in silver. We use the most premium silver to ensure durability and a gleaming surface that does not tarnish easily. We have silver barbells for your ear, tongue or navel, each piercing crafted to perfection, safe for piercing and the ideal way to accessorize your daily attire.
  4. UV Straight Barbells: If you are someone who does not resonate with all-out metal jewelry, then we have something special, as safe and fashionable, an alternative—UV barbells. These Straight Barbells are more flexible and have the promise of being skin-friendly. This collection mimics beautiful patterns in vibrant colors. This is the Straight Barbell you want to buy when you demand cute and sexy piercings that are attention grabbing, unafraid of hogging the spotlight.

Why choose Piercebody.com for body jewelry?

  1. Making body piercing jewelry more practical: We offer a very wide range of straight barbells at affordable prices without compromising with the quality. All our products are original and are creatively designed by body jewelry experts. We ensure that apart from more elaborate designs, there is something high on practicality. You will find many sober and subtle designs apart from Straight Barbells that are outright audacious.
  2. Making jewelry shopping hassle-free: We have a smartly set-up website that includes comprehensive product information, catalogues for an easy online experience and a customer care system keen to address every query, and even help customers towards the most relevant category or product to ensure every purchase is a pleasurable experience.

We offer an attractive collection of Straight Barbells where each creation has been tested for purity of materials, comprehensively sterilized and listed at the most competitive online prices. We do fashion jewelry like no one else—our exclusivity defines us!