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Silver Rings & Pendants

Silver Rings Pendants

Shine bright with glittering silver jewelry and grab everyone’s attention at every gathering. Beautiful and unique, these silver rings and pendants are designed for every day, as well as occasional wearing.

Turning Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry into an Affordable Proposition

The Sterling Silver jewelry industry is very interesting. There is a kind of constant state of fluctuation. As new trends come in, taste of buyers changes and new buying trends arise. If you’re considering buying body jewelry crafted with 925 Sterling Silver, you should know difference between pure silver and 925 Sterling Silver. Pure silver has a very small content of other metals like copper. Sterling Silver consists of 92.5% silver, and the remaining part consists of copper. Sterling Silver is harder than Pure Silver which is required for crafting designs out of it—we do this regularly, making silver jewelry for partying, office-wear and for special celebrations. We, at Piercebody.com make the most elaborate and intricate designs with 925 Sterling Silver, each with the promise of being tested for purity of content and being sterile.

Piercebody: Home to Everything that is 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

  1. Usually most people think that sterling silver jewelry is plain and silver in color. But, our designs are by no means boring. Our sterling silver collections are available in a plethora of colors, studded stones, cubic zirconia and much more.
  2. Our sterling silver jewelry has brought back the ultra-feminine look. We have got new and innovative sterling silver pendants and rings at a great price that helps you to complete your outfits.
  3. We have romantically themed silver sterling pieces including heart shaped jewelry, love knots and symbols of love. These pieces make for best valentine gifts!
  4. Whimsical sterling silver jewelry is another interesting trend. We bet you’ll love the animal shapes in our collection.
  5. We are stocking up cute and amusing pieces in your collection – popular for being excellent gifting options.
  6. You should seriously consider Love Angel, Jeweled Dragon Fly and Octopus pendants that are the current bestsellers in this collection.

We have an edge over our competitors…….

We are a unique online body jewelry platform. Our business is built upon the base of excellence in design, stringent quality control and a moral commitment to give our customers the best products. We provide reasonable prices but also offer the highest quality in each line of our body jewelry products. With multi-faceted means of operation, you get an access to all our products at industry-best prices. We work at various price-affecting factors, optimizing them to the minimum. Our customers get the competitive edge of finding a better designed and priced merchandise. Our website provides all the relevant information concerning genuine weights and sizes of individual ingredients used in a piece of jewelry/piercing.

Our design team has come up with an innovative range of 925 Sterling Silver rings and pendants. Each of these is contemporary and trending as we believe in fashion being updated. However, you will come across some classics too—there is always an eternal, timeless creation that will always be adored…