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Ear Tunnels

Ear Tunnels

Browse through a wide range of ear-piercings ranging from ear plugs to ear-tunnels and expander. These ear-piercings are made from body safe materials like silicone, surgical steel, animal bone, acrylic, etc.

Ear Piercings Just Got Better!        

Ear tunnels, plugs and expanders are the key ingredient of our ear piercing offerings. Piercing ears and using decorative elements to make them a lifestyle statement is perhaps one of the oldest, most researched and understood form of body art. Though it seems painful, piercing ear lobes or its upper or mid-section is not too painful. The bigger problem lies in the quality of ear piercings being used. We are piercing lifestyle followers and understand how ear piercings work. For starters, you need the best, premium materials that don't create room for infection or long-term damage to the skin. Our collection of ear tunnels, plugs and expanders are made from the finest materials. This includes surgical steel, silicon, animal bone, acrylics, etc. Apart from the finest constructional materials, our range of ear tunnels comes in various sizes and styles, as stylish as you are, and an apt choice to make the daily schedule a more lovable affair!

  1. Steel Ear Expanders: Our range of steel ear expanders offers the most fashionable ear tunnels with the highest degree of safety for the skin. This range offers unique designs—Spiral, Bullet, Grid Surface, Hollow and the external surface happens to be among the most resilient. These ear tunnels are skin friendly, light in weight and are easy to put on/take off.
  2. Anodized Ear Tunnels: Our collection of beautifully designed Anodized Ear Tunnels comes in various colors like Gold, Black, Blue and more hues that you can use for accessorizing your outfit. Expect some ear tunnels featuring stunning gem sets. Anodized Ear Tunnels have always been in demand and their stylish appearance makes them a must-have for any piercing enthusiast.
  3. Fake Expanders / Faux Plugs: Available in an increasing variety of modern and traditional designs, Fake Expanders gives you a unique, stretched ear look. This is not for the amateur piercing seeker. You need to have gained some credibility in body piercings to attempt this. Our Ear Tunnel section has a very vast collection of fake expanders which have the ability to transform you look in the most radical manner.
  4. Expander Ear Plugs: The most stylish and fashionable collection of expander ear plugs that is unmatched in the body piercing market today. There are a lot of fakes in this category, some rather risky propositions as they create chances of infection or damage to the tissue. However, we have designed stylishly progressive designs in a wide array of designs such as Marijuana, Gecko, Smiley, Embossed Star, etc.

Why shop Ear Tunnels at Piercebody.com?

Piercebody is much more than just another online shop selling body piercings. It is the result of passion, sustained and nurtured over a decade that has now taken a retail-ready form. The creative team works independently, unbothered by the manufacturing dynamics. This ensures that our range of ear tunnels, plugs and expanders are high on ingenuity of design and the use of premium materials—all of this at the best online prices!

No matter which type of ear tunnels you prefer, you are most likely to find the perfect fit in this category. Watch this space as we upgrade it with more designs, ear piercings that can transform your look. Every ear tunnel on offer has something special with the safety of usage being a common attribute. Explore and find out which ear piercing defines you…