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Crystal Piercings


Crystals add a glamorous touch to your body piercings! We offer crystals-studded in every form possible. From crystal belly rings to earrings, from bracelets to finger rings and complete crystal jewelry sets.

Transition with Stunning Crystal Piercings

If you want to try piercings that are instantly noticeable, and better than the usual blend of piercing designs found in the market, try Crystal Piercings. These are not just fashion accessories but they have a deeper relevance—somewhat soulful, somewhat mystical, but lovable in every manner.

Understand Crystal Piercing Dynamics

Crystals are known for adding sparkles to your persona. They can be a constant companion in transforming your life into a more meaningful existence. Crystal Piercings are rather lovely and worn more by women. From a fashion perspective, Crystal Piercings help you accessorize with almost every outfit. While experiencing any change or transition, it is wise to have crystals to aid against any negative energy. Our assortment of Crystal Piercings is perhaps the safest approach to introduce crystals into your daily life.

Why buy Crystal Piercings from Piercebody?

We offer you fashionable and exclusive crystal piercings that can be worn both casually and at the workplace. Apart from its unique healing capabilities, the Crystal Piercings by Piercebody have been systematically treated ensuring complete purity and safety. These crystals have gone through crystal experts and stone healers to ensure they don't induce an unwarranted problem. Each crystal is most likely to raise your enthusiasm levels and boost your confidence. You can rely on these Healing Crystals to overcome daily challenges with a more relaxed mind—transforming everyday lives, making them more lovable.

Transform with Crystal Piercings

At Piercebody, there are a myriad of dazzling crystals to help you make the most relevant choice. Our expert team works diligently in creating uncanny and standard designs using crystals that are worthy of being a part of your life. This body piercing online store is positioned with the assurance that at no point you will find quality-compromised products or inflated prices. In fact, apart from our artistic obsession about body piercings, we are trying to become the most economical platform for buying fashion jewelry. Our world of Crystal Accessories has moved on from offering just crystal bracelets to more daring additions like crystal belly rings, ear rings, finger rings and other jewelry sets.

Heal with Piercing Jewelry featuring Crystals

In today's hectic environment, people often choose to wear crystals as jewelry just because they like the color and shape—there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, crystal jewelry was traditionally worn as more than just being adornments. They can be healing. We use the same approach, ensuring that crystals used in our piercing jewelry options have the positive effects associated with amulets and for fighting away negative energies. Crystals bring stability and emotional clarity when you are going through a transitional period in your life. Due to their perfect geometric pattern, our carefully selected crystals create positive energies. We believe in frequently updating the range with new crystal creations that have only positive, healing effects, refreshing your mood, health and stamina!

Why you can trust Piercebody Crystal Jewelry?

The markets are full of misleading retailers who promise to offer genuine crystals that help you balance your energy chakras. However, only experts can ensure that the crystals are stimulated in the right manner for wholesome healing effects. This is what we do with a dedicated team of seasoned crystal jewelry makers. Piercebody.com has carved its space in the niche of Body Piercing Jewelry. We use premium materials only, treated for a flawless, gleaming surface and durability, such as stainless steel and 925 sterling silver.

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Crystal Piercings represent a slightly risky niche within the Body Piercing space. This is because all crystals are not created equal. Most of them have some sort of energy altering properties. You want crystals that radiate positive energies only. Our team of Crystal Procurement Experts in collaboration with Crystal Healers ensures that you get the latest in body piercing designs, complete with safe, smartly chosen crystals!