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Gold Piercing Jewelry

We have the best body jewelry in gold carved out of 14K category of gold which is not too soft that the skin will react to it and not too hard but strong enough for threaded barbells and other jewelries. Our large gold section exhibits gold set, nose and belly rings.

Wrap up in Style with the Ever-Present Gold Jewelry

Body jewelry has become one of the most diverse ways to express your individuality— thanks to the assorted choices available in design, styles, and material. Jewelry trends came and disappeared. However, something that remains in reckoning is Gold Jewelry. Even if many people today prefer jewelry made with stainless steel, titanium and other metals, gold still dominates the jewelry market, as it looks classy, lustrous, and refined.    

Piercebody.com has the finest selection of Gold Body Jewelry that is absolutely mesmerizing. Our Gold Body Jewelry consists of belly rings, barbells, nose studs, jewelry studs and labrets. They are available in graceful designs and styles, inset colored jewel that lend an air of sophisticated to the wearer!     

  1. Chic Belly Rings:  Our collection of belly rings is made of 14-karat yellow gold with a stunning inset CZ accents that just do the trick rightly. Expect the extensive choices and marvelous designs. Cross jeweled, Dangling butterfly jeweled, Zirconia banana bars are some of our bestselling pieces. 
  2. Nose Studs: Our gold nose studs look beautiful on any nose.  We offer nose gold and diamond nose studs in a myriad of sizes and gauges to suit every requirement. For an edgy look, you can try our genuine diamond nose screws. The floral design nose studs in our gold collection look flawless and go well with every ensemble.
  3. Eyebrow Rings:  Eyebrow rings are hard to miss—they’re a trendy way to flaunt your style. Our collection of eyebrow rings come with decorative points made with 14k yellow gold with inset CZ (cubic zirconia).   
  4. Assorted Gold Labrets:  The oomph of dazzling diamonds and genuine gemstones paired with high quality 14K gold is a classic addition to your labret piercing jewelry. We offer an extensive selection of gold BioPlast labrets to keep your style quotient authentic. 

Why trust Piercebody.com for Body Jewelry?

Piercebody.com has dedicated a decade to quality and craftsmanship. We are the leading dealers of the finest body jewelry in a largest selection of gold- 9k, 10k, 14,k, 18k and 22k, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Titanium Collections and 316l Stainless Steel .

  1. Our comprehensive gold jewelry line offers everything you need to add a little more style to your life. 
  2. We endeavor to make each piercing jewelry item an artsy design, underlining our in-house team’s constant devotion to create unique designs. 
  3. Our executives are always at your service solving your queries and personally tend to your needs helping you find the best piece.
  4. You get absolute privacy while shopping with us. We accept all internationally used payment methods, guaranteeing that our customers’ financial information remains protected.
  5. We accept the unused/unworn products with tags attached within 7 days return and 30 days money back guarantee with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We try to make every step of the way as easy as possible.  The complete process of selecting the products, analyzing prices, purchasing, shipping, delivery of products and quality is extremely satisfying. Browse our gold jewelry collections, shop the best from us with pride and get classy as ever…….