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dermal anchors

Why it's so hot? & popular?

A new way or piercing that can be done anywhere on the body, hence the name "dermal." You can get multiple dermals to make the shape of something, such as a star. A single dermal on the finger is also popular as a "dermal ring." It usually requires a curved piece of jewelry to act as the "anchor", the piercer slides the curved part under the skin and all that is seen on the surface is your jewel or ball. It cannot be removed by yourself, if you do it'll scar really bad, you need to have it surgically removed, or very carefully by a professional.

Why want them?

People want them because they are absolutely stunningly beautiful. They're incredibly striking when they are properly placed. They also have a spectacularly low rejection rate. They're easily inserted with a simple procedure, can be used to create complicated patterns and can be placed in areas that were previously very difficult to pierce.

Is there any risk?

Usually people who get dermal anchors right now, are those who are a little more seriously into body modification. They are SURE they want the piercing and understand the risks involved. It really doesn't ruffle the feathers of people who are serious about the art to know that a piercing might have to be cut out. The risk of one little scar in exchange for the pleasure of having the piercing for as long as you please is well worth it in most minds.

How long does it heal?

Dermal anchors are more for people who want to keep their piercings permanently or for a very long time. How long it takes for them to heal depends a lot on the location and how well they're taken care of. It could take as short as a couple weeks.

What is the Cost?

Dermal anchors are currently quite expensive - they are made from implant grade titanium so it won't have to rust and the amount of labour in each one is staggering!

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How to do it?

Microdermals can also be done with a dermal punch. Punch through to the layer you want to insert the anchor in, then use a taper to elevate a pocket and put the anchor in. Probably a bit more painful than the needle method, but it results in a straighter microdermal. It is much better if it was made by a Professional Piercer.

The Beauty of Dermal Piercing!