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Are you looking for a new piece of jewelry that will catch the eye without being too alternative? Are you looking to adorn an elegant face with delicate features, or perhaps you want something that will reflect an edgy and exciting personality? Either way, nose jewelry is a highly popular option and we have a vast range of styles and nose ring jewelry types to match the look you’re going for.

The practice of nose piercing has been around for thousands of years but rose to popularity in the West during the 70s and 80s thanks to the punk movement. Today, nose piercing can still be seen as a statement of a free-thinking mindset, but the look has also been adopted by the mainstream thanks to its attractive appearance and widespread use.

Simply put, nose piercings can look great and many women find it’s an excellent way to add a little sparkle to their face. Men too are getting in on the act though, whether they’re looking for a cool stud to match a cool attitude, or they want something a little more striking and aggressive such as a septum bar. While it’s more common today, nose piercings are still much rarer than ear piercings which ensures they’ll always stand out and catch the eye. Nevertheless, they’re generally suitable for work and don’t have the negative connotations of some other types of piercing.

Types of Nose Piercing
There are actually a number of different options for nose piercings. A piercing in the nostril for instance will have a more subtle appearance and is less painful and risky than a septum piercing. In India and other cultures, women will often pierce the left nostril according to tradition and this is an attractive look that many other women across the world have adopted. Piercings in India are regarded as a mark of beauty and social standing – and it’s easy to see why! Consider a subtle stud, or perhaps a small gemstone that will twinkle when it catches the light if you want to create an elegant effect. For men, something a little larger, or perhaps in a brighter color can have the desired effect.

Septum piercings meanwhile are a little rarer compared with nostril piercings, which is part of the appeal for many. The septum of course is the cartilaginous divide between the two nostrils and is prime real estate for a nose ring. Again, this is a look that has cultural roots – being popular among South Indian dancers, Native Americans and Southern Nepal to name just a few regions. These piercings often have an aggressive, tribal appearance and can be quite painful making them a mark of the brave and bold statement. That said, they can also be attractive and classy in their own right, depending on the type of jewelry chosen. Other options for jewelry worn through the septum include septum retainers and bars and you’ll find a wide variety of each on this site. Each has a different visual impact and will suit a particular style.
Finally, for the truly adventurous, it’s also possible to have the bridge of the nose pierced. Jewelry worn here most often includes curved barbells and straight barbells and can be used as an anarchic statement, or a beautiful way to draw attention to the eyes. Again, it all depends on the look you’re going for! A small stud on either side of the nose, or a brightly colored stone can really offset the eyes and be quite mesmerizing.

Tips and Pointers
When choosing your nose piercing, there are a few important considerations to take into account. Note that there are some risks associated with septum piercings. Although it is not normally the cartilage itself that is pierced (but rather a thin strip of very flexible skin), this can occasionally lead to a condition known as septal hematoma which causes an accumulation of blood and fluid beneath the lining. This can sometimes lead to nasal congestion that might interfere with normal breathing. This can be avoided by using a professional to carry out the piercing.When choosing any jewelry for piercings, it is important to consider the material being used. Make sure that you don’t have any reactions or allergies to these metals before putting them in.

At, we make sure that all our jewelry will be safe and comfortable to wear for daily use. All materials are chosen for their safety and because they are gentle and kind even to sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic metals are unlikely to cause reactions and are sure to look the part. We also have jewelry made from bio flex and other materials.  All our jewelry is designed to be smooth and durable ensuring that it can be worn daily without irritation.
Another important tip when choosing nose jewelry is to ensure that you get the right size. Simply refer to our handy chart to find the size you need and you can be sure that it will be the perfect fit and make just the right kind of impression.|

Don’t be shy to experiment with different styles and looks. You might surprise yourself with what works and it’s a brilliant way to mix up your appearance and to offset your other jewelry. For those who are squeamish of septum piercings but want to try out the look, we have a number of fake items that you can use to accomplish the same look risk-free.

Why Choose Piercebody?
Shoppers from around the world choose thanks to our vast selection of items at market price. We cater to all tastes and all looks and have jewelry suitable for all kinds of shoppers. Whether you’re looking for titanium nose studs or exotic septum rings, you’ll find something here that will grab your eye.
We offer free shipping on items over $25 for retail customers and for wholesale orders of $500 or more. We make it our mission to ensure your shopping experience goes smoothly and have created a simple and easy interface to facilitate this. is well known in the industry for stellar customer service and we’re more than happy to answer any other questions that you might have.For the best selection of items, the highest quality products and the best customer service in the business, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the oldest from of body piercings, nose piercings are quite common around the world and to suit every one’s taste, we offer nose jewelery made from steel, gold, silver, titanium, bio-flex, etc.

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Since ancient history, body piercings have been a part of culture and tradition. Today, many young people found the practice so cool that the trend continues. Fashionistas believe that body piercing expresses a strong fashion statement! In fact, psychology attributes body piercings to human nature; such as ambitious persons who cannot be subdued by the demand of social acceptance is prone to get some unconventional body piercings in the future such as a nose piercing.

What is a nose piercing?

A nose piercing is penetrating the cartilage or skin that forms part of the nose, normally for the purpose of wearing jewelry. It is the result when the piercer inserts the needle into some nose parts or sections with the plan of adorning that part with jewelry. Nose piercing is the number two most common type of body piercing following earlobe piercing.

History of Nose Piercing

As early as 1500 BC, various cultures have been practicing nose piercing, as well as nipple and genital piercing. Read Genesis 24:22 and learn that Abraham's servant gifted Rebecca a nose ring. Nose piercing is still a practice among Africa’s nomadic tribes and the Bedouins of the Middle East. The measurement of a gifted ring determines the wealth of the family. Even the Vedas referred to the nose piercings of Lakshmi but it was the Middle Eastern nomadic tribes that spread the modern practice in India via the 16th- century Mughal emperors. Today, the nose piercing has become popular as the mainstream and people in many parts of the world are happy to sport them.

Since nose piercing, also known as septum piercing, becomes very popular, you might even plan of having one yourself, it is important that you are familiar with the types of nose piercings.

Seven types of Nose Piercing

*Nostril piercing is a favorite as it allows the entry of many jewelry pieces such as ball rings, circular barbells, L-shaped pins, nose rings, nostril screws, and studs. Based on your choice, jewelry’s measurement varies; however, the average gauge begins at 18 or 20.

*High nostril piercing is a bit more unique due to its place that makes jewelry choice for insertion to the hollow somewhat limited. Since its position is difficult to reach, you need an expert piercer.

*Septum piercing is the superstar of the nose piercing, especially in the Fashion world as models wore them during the 2015 Fall Fashion Week in New York that gave Septum its unofficial debut. This type of piercing is versatile but it has the tendency to flip out of view.

*Bridge piercings are classified as surface piercing that safeguards bones and cartilage from puncture. It’s pretty cool for a piercing to be! However, it is susceptible to migration since the piercing pushes itself closer to the skin's surface and essentially heals its way. If this happens, you request your piercer to remove the jewelry and allow the hole to close.

*Vertical tip piercing is unique and fairly rare for it is just under the tip of the nose. Due to the nose’s structure, piercing accepts only the curved barbell as jewelry,

*Septril combines a gauged septum and half of a vertical tip as it appears to be a rather delicate external and internal piercing. Most people prefer a back flat stud or a curved tiny barbell or flat back stud to be inside the septril hole and for the stretched septum an eyelet, tunnel or plug.

*Nasallang penetrates low on both nostrils and septum using two nostril piercings that are evenly placed and it looks so pretty; however, it is actually a tri-nasal piercing. Wear nasallang with a straight barbell, similar to industrial cartilage piercing in the ear Only a single needle does the piercing all at once

Where to have a Nose Piercing?                                                          

Before you decide to have a nose job,  check out some potential places that offer high-quality services. You can find service providers around your neighborhood or ask friends who had their piercing done. The internet provides information all about online piercing service providers are duly licensed and their piercers are all experts after years of experience. They use sterile products, hygienic methods, and skin friendly jewelry, with your skin, health, as well as, your safety as their first priority.


Your service provider always wears sterile gloves before he touches any instrument and your skin. Next, he makes thorough sterilization on your cartilage or skin that he is going to pierce. He then identifies the safe spots on your nose and marks the exact location of the piercing. It is necessary that you specify the exact location of the piercing as this can easily go wrong.

He uses a needle for piercing and if you observed that he is going to use a piercing-gun stop, the procedure immediately. A piercing gun causes tissue damage that poses more health problems. Ask him to stick to the traditional piercing method.

Piercing guns are a no-no as there will be the high chance that the skin and residue of its last user are still left inside. Their presence contaminates the tissue that can lead to diseases such as hepatitis or infections.

The piercer uses a hollow needle to do the job as it is safer for the skin and cartilage tissue..

The procedure lasts for around a few minutes, and after the piercing is done, the provider’s assistant wipes the blood or residue around the piercing. Your provider will give you some aftercare guidelines to help you to face some minor issues during the healing period; and to stay on top of things, keep the contact details of the piercer.

A nose piercing makes a bold statement that is super popular and cool for almost all guys or girls! Before committing for any skin piercing, educate yourself about it all including challenges and risks you will be facing.

Things to do after that big day

On the same day that you get your nose pierced, your aftercare begins. The only thing for you to do is to keep the nose piercing clean.


Start washing your hands each day before performing piercing aftercare. For cleaning fresh piercing, use a saline solution available at the piercing studio, or make your own sea salt solution at home. A good solution is a cup of warm water mixed with one-fourth teaspoon of fine sea salt.

To apply the salty water, use bulb syringes or cotton balls to your piercing or you can dip directly dip your nose inside a cup containing the saline.

There will be pain and tenderness after your procedure, so be very careful when cleaning the area.

Emotional stages in a nose piercing

Nostril and septum piercings are enjoying their popularity these days for there are so many new inductees to the facial piercing club and just like you, they have experienced the emotional stages of getting a nose piercing.

1. You've got a smile on your face, knowing wholeheartedly that you're a super strong human and that nothing could deter you from your mission to pierce a hole in your nose.

2. There's no reason to panic, or even consider it much. It's cool. You' have a friend by your side to support you.

3. It is a shocker when you notice the tools of the trade on the tray next to you. Wow. That's a big and very real needle.

4. During the procedure, your palms begin to sweat, your heart is racing, and as your piercer leans in, a million thoughts are racing through your mind.

5. There is brief and intense pain as the needle is being forcefully thrust through your nostril. No, it did not feel good.

6. It is unbelievable how brief the entire process was done now that your shiny new jewelry is secured within the safe haven of its nostril hole home.

7. You are genuinely surprised and grateful at how smoothly things went.

8. It is a great relief as everything is done, you'll be thankful that you got a trained professional piercer.

9. With pride and satisfaction, you see your new nostril piercing looks great. You are used to your look with nose ring, you can hardly remember what you looked like without it.

10. You likely have a genuinely rewarding experience and walk away with a piercing you'll appreciate for years to come.

Aftercare period

Continue your aftercare nose piercing regularly until it is completely healed. Better to extend the time for healing another week and continue aftercare even if it appears completely healed.

Aftercare is all about cleanliness. As your nose piercing heals, you use that saline solution to soak it for a few minutes at a time, twice every day.

bacteria buildup and infection without harming the healthy cells regenerating around your piercing. ... Specialty aftercare products

Saltwater, or saline, is a gentle antiseptic that blocks any bacteria build-up, as well as the spread of infection as healthy cells regenerate around the piercing, are harmless.

Use only specialty aftercare products recommended by your provider to ensure that your new piercing heals as well and as quickly as possible although these can increase slightly the overall cost of your nose piercing.

Do’s and don’t’s during the healing period


Wash your nose piercing on the outside twice a day.

Use aftercare cleansing swabs as they are gentle on the skin.

Allow it to air dry.

Always keep clean, dry, and airy the area around your newly pierced nose.

Cover your nose whenever you apply makeup, spray perfume, etc.

Your hands and the outside of your nose need complete washing.

Carefully remove the nose piercing jewelry and put in new, clean nose jewelry.

Always wear nose jewelry for without it. the hole can shrink and/or close completely.




Touch the nose piercing jewelry with unclean hands.

Pick your nose.

Remove the jewelry when cleansing.

Rough activities that could cause damage to your nose.

Swim in a lake, sea, pool or large body of water: better wait until complete healing of piercing.

Keep your head under water.

Put your hands all over your jewelry as the bacteria from your hands will enter the piercing.

Use or apply harsh products on the piercing


Top dangers associated with the nose piercing


During the first year, contact allergy is the greatest risk so it is important to wear safe nose jewelry all the time. Piercing your nose might cause infection with serious complications. Another problem happens when the jewelry loosens while you are doing strenuous activities and it falls in the nostril.


While you are putting the stud in place. you may accidentally swallow the jewelry and experience breathing difficulties when it gets stuck in the windpipe. Your pierced septum completely rejects the jewelry and starts pushing it out. The piercing rejects the jewelry when you place it in the wrong position. you. The coating of the jewelry may seem dull when the.stud is bigger in size than the weight handled by the nose tissue.


Unless a professional piercer places the jewelry. a nerve may be damaged or scar for it is really easy to injure the delicate nerves in the nose while trying to add a piercing.

Necrosis is the condition whereby the tissue in your nose can’t stand any prick done inside it. So instead of rejecting the jewelry, all surrounding cells begin dying off.

Practically any trauma inducing activity acting on your nose causes a septal hematoma,  it is usually caused by a badly done piercing. The septum which consists of cartilage splits the nostrils into two but it doesn’t have its own blood supply.

The art of piercing can’t be done by just any person; only an expert will administer it.

When the piercing has gone bad, it will damage the nerve, causing the nose to lose sensitivity. Therefore: let a professional do the piercing.

Frequently asked questions about nose piercing

1. Do nose piercings hurt?

They do hurt, but the pain is not as bad as you imagined. It is not a sharp and searing pain but more like a pinch and a twinge.

2. How much does it cost?

The price of nose piercing is affordable for you do not even have to save money for months to cover the amount. The cost of a typical nose piercing is between $30 to $80 for both the piercing and the jewelry.

3. When is the best time for me to stop cleaning my nose piercing?

Let your piercing heal completely when there will be no more discharges. No need to clean piercing with cotton. Clean swab piercing at least once a week, or as often as every shower.

4. What about the time for me to replace my nose piercing jewelry?

During the healing period, do not remove your nose jewelry. After your piercing is completely healed, you can replace the jewelry with a different piece.

Just be sure that you put back the jewelry after taking it out within a reasonable time frame. Even when the nose is healed, piercings can close up after given time without jewelry in place.

5. For my nostril piercing, should I place it on the right or left?

In the western world,  you place your nose ring nose on one nostril; however, it does not matter which side for placement of piercing is really just a matter of personal preference.

6. How long does it take for my nose piercing to heal?

Healing time for nose piercing varies depending on the type of piercing. Nostril Piercing for both regular and high nostril piercings heal from 4-6 months, Septum Piercing heals from 6-8 weeks, Rhino Piercing heals from 6-9 months, Nasallang Piercing heals from 4-6 months, and Bridge Piercing heals from 8-12 weeks.

The safest metals for nose jewelry

The following metals are commonly used for nose piercings and generally reduce discomfort, infection, and irritation.

Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS)

The most commonly used type of nose piercing metal heals perfectly and as surgical steel is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin and affordable.


Extremely durable and biocompatible, titanium does not harm the body; however, opt for an implant certified titanium. Titanium is resistant to scratch. Although it is expensive but the metal is of the highest quality.

Niobium is more like an element. It is little-known but is a very good option for a body piercing as it is hypoallergenic and is ideal for someone with metal sensitivities.

Gold is hypoallergenic and pure nature that is one of the best metal options for a nose piercing. However, only choose real gold such as 14k or 18k.

Always go for a biocompatible and durable metal. Do not look at the high cost of the metal for high-quality metal can be an investment. Poor quality metal will cause you lots of headaches down the line You can browse the many collections of nose rings on the internet that range in price and designs to suit all budgets and tastes.

How to clean a nose piercing

It is perfectly normal for your piercing to have some clear discharges while it heals. These discharges will dry-up and form a crust around the piercing. A cotton swab soak in a saline solution moistens where the crust is formed and tenderly eliminated. Don’t force the crust off just clean the underside of the piercing in the same way. The easiest time for you to remove crust is after a warm shower. Also use mild soap to wash the jewelry itself during your shower every day. This is the best option to remove bacteria and any crust that got on that jewelry.

Benefits of nose piercing

In the Hindu religion, nose piercing is one important part of their belief; however, today, girls have their nose pierced because it is a popular trend. Apart from being a part Hinduism and a fashion trend, nose piercing has other advantages.

Indian culture has so much to say about health benefits attributed to nose piercing. When the left side of your nose is pierced, it reduces menstrual pain. By piercing the left nostril, it helps the reproductive organ. Women will have easy childbirth and it minimizes the pain at the time of the baby's delivery.

As part of religious benefits: girls at the time of weddings get their nose pierced to honor goddess Parvati.

Vashikaran" as women and girls wearing nose pin or stud are to ward off "vashikaran" which means they are free from being seduced or controlled by others.

Modern girls get their nose pierced to wear nose studs and rings as fashion jewelry which is trending these days.

Nose rings help in spiritual healing. Following a long traumatic injury or illness, people get their nose Prevention from " pierced for healing. Piercing is painful but this chosen pain turns out to be a real and beautiful option for healing.


Having a nose ring places you in the same class as celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and many more. There are many types of nose piercings and you can opt for the one that fits your fashion sense, personality, and lifestyle. You can follow the procedure and find that there is very little pain. You can avoid many risks as long as you find a high-quality shop with its certified piercers and staff.

Read everything about nose piercing so you will know what you are getting into. The procedure is fairly simple and short. Since you will have anxiety during the piercing, request a family member or friend to be with you during the procedure. You can also select the type of septum piercing you want, advice on aftercare, how to take care of your piercing, how to practice hygiene and safe metal for your jewelry. With a nose ring, you are bringing your style and appearance to the next level.  

Nose rings adds beauty to the face but the process should not put your health in jeopardy. If you need to pierce your nose, then follow all the safe precautions and healthy ways of doing it. But nostril piercing looks like something you can do without unless it is a cultural need but you are free to have one.